be like,the pagoda tree tents the cloud, pomegranate flower is spat partly, zong is sweet a long time ago, the feeling that carry midday is strong, it is one year upright midday will come. On June 5 afternoon, spend stage area by rain of city of Nanjing of the Communist Party of China appoint propagandist department, civilization does sponsor, xi Shanqiao is street undertake ” our festal · carries midday ” thematic activity learns school of cent of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain to hold in Jin Ling. Street dwellers admire end in all with the students of school of cent of hill of another name for Taishan Mountain midday is consuetudinary, experience traditional culture glamour. “Poetics carries midday ” , emphatic recital tradition carried midday activity to be pulled open in classical traditional music prelusive. In ” poetics carries midday ” link, xi Shanqiao learns hill of another name for Taishan Mountain to divided school student to read aloud two souvenir to carry the poetry of midday in street dweller and golden hill. They wear long skirt bag-sleeve Chinese take, mix with deep feeling chase after think of the touching heroic undertaking that marks Qu Yuan of great and patriotic poet, “The country dies why does body die have today, stay to be in from coquettish only worldly ” , place to Qu Zi’s grief in utterance, deep-felt and moving. Word of narrow of smooth level and oblique tones carries midday, emphatic pass exquisite feelings. Parent of a student expresses: “Patriotic it is inheritance of the Chinese nation up to now good convention, what the poetry of static heart preparation writes children is very touching, of reading very sentient also. ” the long history that carries midday in the appreciate when song of recital poem word is endowed with, experience the later ages deep-felt yearning to Qu Yuan, the culture atmosphere with thick run upon of whole activity spot. “Zong affection carries midday ” , greenery rice samples traditional shiny green Zong leaf, glittering and translucent and full polished glutinous rice, aroma the candied date or jujube of happy person. As the traditional cate that having long history, the zhongzi is the necessary cate of the festival that carry midday all the time. Including zhongzi segment, hill of another name for Taishan Mountain divides the children of school to follow adult study, the ceremonial sense that carries midday is felt in be operated with one’s own hands. Come from Xi Shanqiao’s street volunteer to returned the spot to share the skill that wraps a zhongzi and experience, children interest is full, leaf of Zong of the rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers below the guidance in the parent and teacher, do funnel, fill polished glutinous rice, not a little while, each had the zhongzi zhongzi with angular arris to shape. The spot waves blast a Zong is sweet, the zhongzi of green garment white skirt is very inviting. Children are lifting the zhongzi that he wrap, open group photo of a person’s mind with parent teacher. “Before is to look at grandma and mom bag zhongzi to perhaps buy off-the-peg zhongzi to eat, the experience that this oneself wrap a zhongzi is very wonderful. ” a student that including a zhongzi says to the reporter. Aside the parent also expresses, this vivid kinetic energy raises the child start work ability, pull with the distance between the child, build better parentage. “Zong enjoys youth ” , the tradition that dry land dragon boat enjoys a tradition to carry midday is consuetudinary varied, have a department multicoloured rope, place Ai Xie yellow rice or millet wine of calamus, Tu Xiong and hang sweet bursa to wait. Among them the widest for the masses hep is contest dragon boat, to promote festal tradition, abound the dweller’s life, this the activity organized dry land dragon boat uniquely, players are not to use paddle to ride on dragon boat to rush forth with the foot however, the activity that does not have distinguishing feature drew everybody’s look. Friend of neighbor neighbour, classmate is taken an active part in, some and classmate group group, some asks the parent to help, every groups of 3 people take itch to try of 3 dragon boat, group efforts, strive to unplug so that the head prepares. The catchword that some groups are calling to unite all the way forth, also some groups appear small error is temporarily backward, each groups bear down on eagerly terminal, the atmosphere of the spot is pushed to climax. A fellow student that played the game says: “Just had seen contest dragon boat on textbook before, dragon boat of this dry land is very interesting, although field is not big, but cooperate together with the classmate the game is very interesting. ” the contest form that has distinguishing feature alone, reflected the characteristic of folk-custom of Chinese traditional festival, make attendant dweller and student deep-felt experience the glamour of traditional festival. This second activity raised rain to spend whole of stage area resident to acquire feeling and happy move, built full-bodied traditional culture atmosphere, make the strong feeling that carry midday is permeated with everywhere. Build dweller of area under administration the platform of favour of promotional understanding, close affection, the rain that help strength is beautiful ” happy appropriate occupies a town ” construction.