Dispatch of dragon tiger net (luck of bright red of photography of Dai Meimei of reporter king Ling) old Nanjing has a common saying: Spend the New Year not to see the light, be equal to did not spend the New Year; Do not spend the New Year to buy small cup lamp to master shrine, be equal to did not pass good year. Tonight (on January 28) 8:00 whole, the Nanjing word as a tunnel ” bright light ” , with ” China handsel hill spring, happy China year ” the lantern show is in the Qin Huai of · of the 33rd China that gives priority to a problem to pay a debt of gratitude greatly temple relics park shines formally the lamp. Nanjing bright light, colored-lantern making bright celebrates happiness in all year word of a Nanjing ” bright light ” , old hand is pulled on arena had little hand, pull the inheritance that removes chiliad article arteries and veins, received the most stirring hour, “China handsel hill spring, happy China year ” — lantern show of Qin Huai of · of the 33rd China shines formally the lamp! The spot, be enmeshed the design of pool of the arena of type, lotus leaf, make an audience big breathe out wonderful. Performer people sing a popularity with Kunqu opera Shaanxi opera song, melting little girl is reincarnate ” colored-lantern making elf ” person of beatific Nanjing, famous music impetuouses accept as a souvenir measures body write music ” illume my city ” . . . . . . Tonight ” colored-lantern making brights not nocturnal city, an ancient name for China celebrates happiness in all year ” . Whole town does many bits of the lamp, linkage, celebrate in all ” our festival ” Qin Huai lantern show is having 1700 old histories, regard first national level as immaterial culture bequest, since restoring to hold 1986, had held 32 continuously up to now, it is Nanjing has representative culture sign most, the urban culture calling card that makes Nanjing communicate external and folk-custom culture brand, element has ” the world of armour of colored-lantern making of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” beautiful praise. Current lantern show not only ” go ” , more ” introduce come ” , and first linkage much the city zone, celebrate the red-letter day of colored-lantern making atmosphere to expand Nanjing advocate the city zone, serve as lantern show of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” our festival ” open year of ceremony to give the motherland 70 China absurd, happy event receive happy festival time of tradition of the Chinese nation, wish China the dream comes true at an early date in all. “Terraqueous sky ” stereo cloth is exhibited ” the face that choose a route ” macrocosm runs the light the lantern show this year is adopted ” terraqueous sky ” stereo cloth is exhibited, the area of scene of master shrine core besides the tradition, east dry long alley, Laomen east, pay a debt of gratitude greatly water of Li of fountainhead of temple, Qin Huai is onshore outside exhibiting an area, still installed 10 lis of egret continent park, Qin Huai area and belt of scene of bright city wall are exhibited on water of river scene belt the area is exhibited to wait in sky in all 8 exhibit an area greatly. It is reported, on the foundation that exhibits an area in 8 lamps, still set area of a batch of public atmosphere, with colored-lantern making and form of bright melt into, pass the series of dot, line, face, the area austral the old city that is core with city of China door earthen jar attachs most importance to a dot, high level carries out the light of key area, main thoroughfare to turn promotion, make colored-lantern making, bright change with city river building landscape hands in photograph reflect, form whole, contented much angle is stereo the demand that watch the tube, build the China with a whole festival and decorate with lanterns and streamers, auspicious town year flavour. Citizen of culture activity rich and colorful all can participate in lantern show of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty freely is 2019 Nanjing international (culture) of travel section ” open year of big play ” . Qin Huai is not project of involuntary discharge of urine and carrier of melt into of native land and excellent article with area, made sumptuous dinner of a culture meticulously. With ” our festival ” give priority to a problem, engineered ” craftsmanship artisan art ” , ” week of music of Jin Ling of art of the 2nd seven-stringed Chinese zither ” , ” come along with me inheritance ” , ” the Qin Huai in smooth shadow ” wait for activities of 5 big more than 70 culture, nanjing citizen and nonlocal tourist all can be participated in freely. Meanwhile, two during, each tourist attraction returns area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty to reveal culture of the folk-custom that perform reach a performance 97, manual experience and interactive game 175, during the Spring Festival special exhibition 275, favourable sale kind the activity amounts to 115, these activities will be traditional Spring Festival culture, imperial examinations culture, Confucianism learn culture, pay a debt of gratitude the culture, culture that be not involuntary discharge of urine is perforative among them, through traditional folk-custom performance, handiwork interacts the form such as activity of exhibition of culture of experience, high-quality goods, favourable sale, let every citizen tourist that comes to Qin Huai experience year of flavour with Changjiang Delta thick the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, appreciate wonderful and distinctive artistic Qin Huai. “Spend the New Year to be troubled by festive lantern to master shrine ” tradition of this one folk is consuetudinary, it is Nanjing citizen crosses one of main and festival activities with indispensable New Year already, the reporter understands, on Feburary 5 (at the beginning of the first month of the lunar year one) to 22 days (the first month of the lunar year 18) , in master shrine on the west square east pailou and street of bank note library will hold traditional lamp city, at the appointed time, citizen tourist can watch the lamp to admire the lamp not only, still can carry a festive lantern that admire in the heart to bring back the home.