Dispatch of dragon tiger net (luck of bright red of photography of Dai Meimei of reporter king Ling) on January 4 morning, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty the 3rd times the conference holds the 2nd people’s congress ceremoniously, acting warden of government of people of division of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty manages delegate of Yong Xiangquan body and personnel of attend as a nonvoting delegate make governmental working report. (brave of department of acting warden of government of people of division of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty) 2018, in municipal Party committee, municipal government and area appoint below right leader, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty holds to ” it is a center with people ” the job is oriented, around ” protection updates old city, development builds new wall ” overall situation, focusing ” special and essence of life, most Nanjing ” target pursuit, answer all sorts of difficulty and risk test actively, exert oneself drives society of whole area economy to stabilize healthy progress continuously, better completed a division 2 target missions that 2 times the conference defines National People’s Congress. “Street road had Ruijin way on integrated punish very big change, last year before April, once road encounters rainwater weather to be met seeper, the citizen goes out to go to the lavatory not quite all right. After punish, ruijin road not only evenness, the village of two side also looks brand-new. ” community of street Zhongshan door lives way of Ruijin of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty appoint conference chairman Xu Gong nods assist 2018 the job of Qin Huai area, state district government should continue to pay close attention to a citizen 2019 the real issue of cogent attention and care. Be worth dweller of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty to expect, was 2019 the real issue of the people’s livelihood that will be a dweller to administer place to do in career of safeguard of the people’s livelihood, society and society. “Hold to first improvement the people’s livelihood, compose is built more the public service system of high quality, enhance masses to acquire feeling, happy feeling and safe move continuously. ” when acting warden of government of people of division of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty manages brave makes a government report, express. Essence of safeguard of implementation the people’s livelihood is changed definitely in enrich the people add close to have bigger effect. Fulfil ” 3 years learn on job of obtain employment of 100 thousand youths plans ” , breed the person that do poineering work independently 4850 people, do poineering work drive obtain employment 26350 people; Come true again obtain employment 9500 people, retain truly the difficult personnel of obtain employment desire 100% obtain employment. Solution is helped up to go up tiredly in the side have greater strength. Add for population of whole area census register buy a place difficult of access of complement of the people’s livelihood. Do good housing to guarantee the job, annual complete consign ensures a room 93 thousand square metre. Fulfil give special care to disabled servicemen and to family members of martyrs and servicemen to find a place for in the round policy, increase retire military deliverance side strands strength, cogent safeguard legitimate rights and interests. Often raising somewhat on have bigger as. Innovation is installed ” bed of medical treatment provide for the aged ” , service center of sanitation of medical establishment, community is belonged to in the area embedded provide for the aged serves a function, implementation ” cure raises two-way confluence ” . Build street provide for the aged to serve synthesis 8, service center of provide for the aged of home of house of community of 3A class above 50, among them 5A class 6, every 1000 old people have bed of provide for the aged to amount to 40 pieces. Promotion society career is balanced change big thrust to enter educational Hui Min. Natural resources of play name school is driven lead action, south high school of science and technology of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of division attached middle school, south division attached middle school knows to divide school high starting point to run a school all right, finish first recruit students; Establish stone to rouse a road to wait for alliance of school of name of 4 elementary school, realize alliance of school of name of area elementary school to be enclothed completely. Advance phoenix aseismatic consolidate mixes the school building such as You Si elementary school revise extend project; Accelerate carry out violet Yang Jia to wait for middle and primary school of area form a complete set, nursery school to build field. Strict and normative outside school grooms orgnaization education, optimize perfect ” stretch leave school ” system, solve student parent effective demand. Annual finance throws education to ensure capital 2.16 billion yuan. Advance steadily ” healthy Qin Huai ” , urge construction of center of medical treatment of the eastpart part, strengthen family doctor autograph to arrange a service further, with founding sanitation of province basic level 10 strong areas are grasper, medicine of traditional Chinese medical science of the basic level that start serves ability to promote a project. Strengthen style establishment standardization, equal change construction, in square of each street construction style, build open area to be not house of involuntary discharge of urine, make the sports theme park of 40 thousand square metre. Reseau of innovation society processing is changed advance ” complete element ” reseau construction, build unifinication society to administer a system, creation reseau changes a society to administer ” experience of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” . Perfect community administers a system, build with ” 3 hillock 18 class ” for the community of core worker management examines a system, company of attestation whole family is versed in 300. Establish area class commonweal to achieve deliver fund 3 million yuan, give aid to organism develops energetically. Build collect community form a complete set and high-quality goods business the face at an organic whole on the west in street, ribs of the fan ” Qin Huai neighbor ” neighborhood center. Ensure masses safety continuously. Strengthen construction of ability of safe production lash-up, executive fire control ” 6 big projects ” , punish hidden trouble highlights high-level residence 10. The platoon checks high-level village hidden trouble of old old elevator, carry out group by group newer. Aggrandizement food medicines and chemical reagents is superintended, implementation free market of agricultural products traces to the source room of system, quick check is enclothed completely, ensure safety of people food medicines and chemical reagents. Advance ” bright project ” , complete construction of 9057 video monitoring, build platform of monitoring of net of communal and safe couplet. Diversity of perfect and contradictory dispute understands a mechanism, executive administration controversy is dissolved in coordination. Elevate law support level continuously. Deepen sweep black except evil special operation, ceaseless tamp safety stabilizes a base, build restful Qin Huai.