Tomb-sweeping day of dispatch of dragon tiger net, call go for a walk in the country in spring the section again, section period is in midspring and dusk spring hand in. Pure Brightness is the traditional red-letter day with long already continuance of the Chinese nation, hold concurrently a nature and humanitarian two big connotation, solar term nods since nature, also be traditional and consuetudinary. As ” our festival ” one of series activities, pay a debt of gratitude greatly area of temple relics scene is during tomb-sweeping day, will around the tradition Chinese take, admire spring clear and bright and photography, consuetudinary, be thankful the respect such as culture, make rich pleasance item for the tourist, carry on and promote traditional red-letter day. Search the most beautiful you Chinese take net red garden party day clear ground bright, everythings on earth anabiosises. Put on tradition of the Chinese nation Chinese take, with pay a debt of gratitude the appointment that bethel goes to a spring. To develop traditional culture better, let more person experience ” our festival ” connotation, pay a debt of gratitude greatly area of temple relics scene will around the tradition Chinese take, hold net red pleasance to call calorie of activity. Went to 7 April 5, chinese take lover to wear traditional dress pleasance, everyday before 10 are enjoyed enter garden privilege freely, 10, 30 enjoy privilege of half price entrance ticket (his demarcate enters garden) . Have the opportunity of free pleasance not only, chinese take lover to return organic meeting to participate in Chinese take photography contest. Small long holiday went to Pure Brightness at 1 o’clock afternoon everyday at 4 o’clock, the red name a person for a particular job that play card has scene division net many professional cameraman ” search the most beautiful you ” , wear Chinese the visitor that take has an opportunity to enjoy a net red big film. Additional, we still can be in small gain, little red book, shake the platform such as sound to undertake Chinese the graph that take the United States and video are collected, upload wear Chinese take in pay a debt of gratitude greatly area of temple relics scene ” net red tourist attraction ” filmed photograph, video, organic meeting wins custom-built award. Greeting ” our festival ” feel traditional culture go for a walk in the country in spring, fly a kite, group eating blueness, tomb-sweeping day history is long, formed the folk-custom activity that has distinguishing feature extremely. Know tomb-sweeping day to let more person, pay a debt of gratitude greatly area of temple relics scene was made ” wall of culture of theme of Pure Brightness of · of bethel enjoy a life of comfort ” , the green bookmark of OK and draw-out indicative hope blocks the tourist, can experience not only pay a debt of gratitude culture of bethel chiliad history and Pure Brightness custom, organic still meeting receives special blessing, lucky tourist still can obtain the characteristic gift such as black group. The child is in Pure Brightness is small the pleasance between long holiday, can participate in ” · of Le Xuemin common greets our festival ” close child consuetudinary story is met. Children are in ancient poetry, story, kite is painterly, close child in making the activity such as black group, experience the connotation of traditional festival. Most recalling is Pure Brightness — ” comprehend after-thought space ” extraordinary experience is Pure Brightness most when, most the popular feeling that recall incident. In a such special node, pay a debt of gratitude greatly temple relics scene will appear for tourists special ” comprehend after-thought space ” . Life contrail area will be decorated meticulously, the country learns desk, cattail hassock, flowers, buddhist sweet below the decoration that waits for article, present a quiet space for the tourist. In such space, you can watch life contrail movie, participate in Pure Brightness special performance to be thankful ceremony, recall those oneself to care back and forth with this, miss benedictory family member, friend. “Comprehend after-thought space ” will become everybody to be thankful the past of associate with, memory, place that looks forward to future. Believe the Pure Brightness that can be one specific type experiences. Besides afore-mentioned activities, in tomb-sweeping day the tourist between small long holiday is walked into pay a debt of gratitude greatly area of temple relics scene, still can view and admire in south gallery exhibits ” Nanjing gold foil forges craft to exhibit ” ; Participate in in chiliad ground palace brand-new roll out ” blessing of heart lamp pray ” activity.