Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Sun Le of reporter of reporter king Ling) late on March 29 local time, canadian row treated article city public library to witness the great event that communication of literature of two ground Chinese adds in field. First place of cereal of Jiangsu network literature is entered be stationed in writer Wen Xie to be made newly ” long work in ” hold the meeting that sign carry out, of association of writer of Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin other book of science of 4 members Liang Zhaoyuan is synchronous also release, chinese traditional literature and network literature are here interesting collision. Cereal of Jiangsu network literature head novel of door going abroad ” long dry in ” be heated intense seeks the language that hold in both hands, nanjing person, removed reside abroad Canada 2012, began literary creative work because of missing hometown 2016, weigh the historical culture that light Chinese ink is in Nanjing, if pay a debt of gratitude greatly courtyard of tribute of temple, Changjiang Delta, face heavenly palace, 3 names garden, roll out what suffer a reader to love greatly ” story of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty ” series, she also is called by affectionately accordingly ” the culture emissary of Nanjing ” . She and home town cooperated in July 2018, become the first place to enter the author that is stationed in the cereal of Jiangsu network literature that just uncovers a shop sign. ” long work in ” it is article ” Qin Huai story ” Ming Dynasty tetralogy ” tower of coloured glaze of coloured glaze world ” , ” song Lu Ming ” , ” toward Tian Que ” , ” hall of look up jade ” later master piece of literature of another Chinese network, those who tell about is reforming and opening 40 years sense of Chinese development road, value and practical successful experience, organic and shirt-sleeve macroscopical and narrative nation story and microcosmic and particular common people story, its tirelessly tells the world the reader, china today’s achievement is brandish of the person that new era struggles asperses sweat to go all out come out, hard-earned, put humanitarian mind in the first place to strive for the biggest understanding of different reader. “Today’s news briefing is very popular, I bring the book that signs carry out to sell light, a lot of readers question the tourist attraction that mentions in my book, culture, was full of curiosity to Nanjing. In even still a Nanjing fellow-townsman asks me the book ‘ primitive Buddha is in charge of ‘ the Buddhist relics of Buddha parietal bone that with paying a debt of gratitude greatly temple relics comes up out of land is prototype, the sort of friendly feeling that comes from home town makes me special touch. ” after the meeting, article receives Canadian north controller of public library of Wen Ge China Heather Gudewen (Heather Goodwin) of the lady invite about, the reader that asks her to also hold a few kinds to be like meets meeting. Groups of Canada is small Pat (Pat) Mu Mingqian is gone to, although Chinese is not quite good, but listen in spirits. Interview in the phone in, he says to the reporter: “What I know to China is very little, the work of article leaves very deep impression to me, she is right historical culture know sth like the palm of one’s hand of China, this explains her memory is very good, but more explain she is right the passion of Chinese culture and home town. ” the Pat that is a historical confusing originally decides to time must come to China, visit those places in the book to Nanjing saw with one’s own eyes. Jiangsu saves assist chairman Fan Xiaoqing evaluates this book: “Read ” long dry in ” resemble walking growing dry in, the height of the strength of heat of the temperature of character of novel be in harmony, affective, story, spirit at an organic whole, the turns a famous city about historical article history that is a full numerous and complicated, city wall history, old city is protected history extensive great is long roll, clue free and easy rises and fall, the narrative is labyrinthian and dramatic, character destiny be very worried about, of all ages, involve area of social square side ” . It is reported, this is cereal of Jiangsu network literature walk along door going abroad to have literary communication first, the new book that releases this ” long work in ” work of the first also be cereal of Jiangsu network literature contemporary subject matter. Chen Haoquan of chairman of association of writer of Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin expresses: “Join a lot of writers of the meeting, scholar to be in traditional literature domain is eminent, cereal of Jiangsu network literature brings us to be touched newly, traditional literature and network literature have respective advantage and limit, both how complementary collaboration, develop hand in hand, it is our common interest feature, also be the dot of a key that we did not communicate collaboration. ” spot of Chen Haoquan of chairman of association of writer of Canadian foreign citizen of Chinese origin makes a speech ” ” long dry in ” it is a new start, no matter be of the history,still be reality, the story that this Nanjing city is worth to write is too much. ” at present, Wen Zheng is creating to give priority to a problem with innovation famous city ” new market opening ” , time setting is set in 2018-2019 year Nanjing, the hope represents the one side that gives Nanjing innovation energy. She says, “I can continue to do good Nanjing ‘ culture emissary ‘ , with everybody together, face the world, tell good China story, tribute founds a state 70 years ” . Bid of historical culture ground goes the derive in Gu Yun of Cong Qinhuai of cereal of body network literature is thick accumulate thin hair power as we have learned, of cereal of Jiangsu network literature make and operation, initiated new pattern — province, city, area, school is built in all. By Jiangsu the province is made assist, government of district of department of propaganda of Nanjing municipal Party committee, Qin Huai together, institute of Chinese medium university, 3 rivers is built in all jointly, make it is fountainhead with achieving network literature high-quality goods formerly, with ligament of IP copyright translate into, drama of creation of market network literature, movie and TV, net, game, move free, publish, arena acts art, the article such as circumjacent product, art, the garden of catenary of IP entire industry of amusement an organic whole area. Round combination established group of brigade of article of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty and Jinjiji block of Lai Fengjie culture invests construction management limited company, accuse by the state-owend enterprise, hand in hand civilian battalion company, of cereal of literature of network of specific and responsible Jiangsu run. In the meantime, cereal of Jiangsu network literature is cast technically with wind, the orgnaization such as law place undertakes cooperative, the good progress that is network literature has made the service that prop up. Of each resource guide, make cereal of Jiangsu network literature fast development expands. Meet unexpectedly when network literature artistic Qin Huai, what kind of collision and scintilla can you produce? How historical culture IP, is translate into contemporary vogue, deep the IP that attracts a youth? Enter Internet period, in instantly, if why we accumulate the creation on deep soil to give prospective high-quality goods in this history culture? How to guide correctly to youth generation through these high-quality goods? “This is a kind of mission takes on. ” area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty appoint He Suyu of head of a department of members of standing committee, propaganda says, “Of network literature suffer numerous give priority to with the youth, hope of cereal of Jiangsu network literature can rise to the youth active up conduct action. ” offer choice to join the ability that be stationed in a person and company accurate, excellent service, also be its original part. He Suyu says, cereal of Jiangsu network literature should be become ” gold shop is small 2 ” . Lecture, forum, copyright is changed… what do network writer and enterprise need, what does network literature cereal offer. The academy of art of culture of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty that preparing, will offer for network writer ” material is wrapped ” , help them create the work with better more, tell story of the Huaihe River of good the Qin Dynasty, tell good Nanjing story.