Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Sun Le of reporter of Ling of the Dragon King of reporter room house) on March 17 afternoon, strategy of industry of instrument of Jiangsu province science upgraded 2019 seminar and peak of industry of countrywide scientific instrument can be prepared 2019 can be in Nanjing to issue new and high area to hold in vain. The equity of industry of Nanjing analysis instrument of 600 million yuan of RMBs invests total dimensions fund is released on the meeting, first fund invests project spot autograph to make an appointment with. As we have learned, this fund by leave new and high area in vain, 6 add up to new and high area and Nanjing section victory to analyse Silicon Valley of instrument limited company, Hangzhou true stone asset manages limited company to wait to be initiated with all possible means, total dimensions amounts to 600 million yuan of RMBs, the newly established enterprise of the domain such as solution of system of test of reagent of material of instrument of main investment device, bad news, analysis, high grade company appears on the market inside the industry that help strength. “Prospective development will be a La Hai ” , hu Tongbin of CEO of limited company of management of asset of true stone of Hangzhou Silicon Valley is on the meeting respecting, “As the rapid development of pharmacy of our country biology and healthy industry, industrial catenary resource already matured stage by stage. After this fund is initiated, all capital will flow into fractionize domain ceaselessly, provide more powerful technology and talent support for instrument industry business ” . Choose Qin Huai, the choice leaves new and high area in vain, hu Tongbin says frankly, be be attracted by its powerful comprehensive strength, “Issue new and high Ou Yizhi to be able to be made in vain for dominant industry, be born efficiency is tall, development is rapid, conduce to drive industrialization to develop, achievement of science and technology is changed, promote the initiative of outstanding poineering talent. ” after fund releases an activity, guild of Chinese instrument appearance is advanced Yan Zengxu of advisory, former secretary-general is homebred and scientific the current situation that checks an instrument and proposal do gist to make a speech, he expresses: “At present big, technology breaks through size of market of our country instrument ceaselessly, the country gives aid to strength is great, the big the main chance that is force of hair of concentration of card of home made product, ought to encourage entrepreneur people ceaseless innovation, will homebred scientific instrument leads world market. ” the reporter understands on the meeting, area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty places innovation of science and technology in the core position that promotes high quality development from beginning to end, hold to ” 3 centers, one upland ” development fixed position, optimize development environment ceaselessly, cultivate bibcock industry energetically, assemble starts new talented person, strengthen an industry own innovation ability. Issue new and high area to regard Qin Huai as assemble innovation resource and the main carrier that expand advanced productivity in vain, take the lead in carrying out in whole town ” one area much garden ” development mode, for be born of enterprise of science and technology development offers more convenience safeguard and more favourable policy, have tremendous progress latent capacity. It is reported, new and high area will make best innovation modes of life and relation to their environment below the parts in Beijing opera spoken in Beijing dialect austral future, provide best service safeguard, portray best environmental character, build best innovation atmosphere, the person that drive more to do poineering work devotes into innovation of science and technology and scientific instrument industry, achieve the goal of area of assemble of industry of first instrument of countrywide hard.