Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of Ma Yan of reporter Li Huizhi’s reporter) on March 15, jiangsu is communal 315 special subject reported news channel ” grandmother home ” water square inn exists: “The Chi Li that wash dish washs mop, chef is stepping on chopping board to go everyday; The vegetable such as stay of proceedings of beautiful dish, acupuncture needle, kidney bean is not washed leave boiler, the staff member says the eye does not see a heart not irritated eat went down; Expire feed material to continue to use, to deal with an examination, affix the ticket that produced that day temporarily ” after waiting for problem news. Superintendency bureau of market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty arranges superintendency personnel instantly, be opposite for a short while ” grandmother home ” inside area under administration two doors inn begins the spot to check, accept media to interview with respect to examination circumstance, response society is deeply concerned. Via checking, two doors inn although hold effect ” business charter ” and ” food business certificate ” , but existence food safety checks a system to be not fulfilled oneself reach the designated position, label of partial bulk food does not accord with litter of hutch of requirement, eat to deal with do not have a record, did not press memory condition to deposit dish opening gives between food, cold dish do not. On March 15 18 when, evening of communal news channel reported Jiangsu meal inn sells existence outside Nanjing part: “Card of inn of wholesome non-standard, a lot of meal is illuminated do not violate inside conform to, commercial building compasses do meal ” wait for a problem, involve Ou Chaotian of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty among them Gong Xi street 71 – 1 ” fish of pickled Chinese cabbage of fence small town ” sea route of inn, the Huaihe River is naughty clean out street of alley, the Ministry of Revenue in feudal China of 33 days sell outside many meal inside the edifice. Superintendency bureau of market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty arranges superintendency personnel to superintend substation jointly with relevant apanage market instantly drive the issue that go to experience for a short while business door begins the spot to check. Part of spot of meal inn existence sells not to have health from personnel of course of study outside much home discovering in the examination not proof, normative apparel cap of clean job garment; Label of raw material of dirty chaos of sanitation of partial provision management room, use food is not accorded with, the problem that is suspected of exceeding limits to manage. Be aimed at above problem, execute the law personnel is made on the spot ” spot examination notes ” , and make known to lower levels ” instruct correct (stop) illegal behavior advice note ” , ask to be rectified and reform instantly. Current, “Grandmother home ” water square inn already asked by headquarters close down is rectified. During the examination, superintendency bureau of market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty executes the law personnel already informed to terrace sells outside tripartite, to experience thing ” grandmother home ” 9 food such as water square inn are managed door undertook getting offline handling. Follow-up, this bureau will talk about ” grandmother home ” chief, in the light of the concerned content that media reports, right ” grandmother home ” meal inn sells to be suspected of breaking the law outside reaching a share violate compasses behavior to undertake investigating checking, to disobeying ” food safety law ” relevant behavior from severe from investigate again. In the meantime, market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty superintends bureau general draw inferences about other cases from one instance, strengthen area under administration further inside other large and medium-sized meal unit, outside the food security that sells meal store is checked, unit of meal of cogent and normative area under administration manages action.