Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of popular reporter of precious of Nie of reporter Sun Le) spring in March, what Chun Nuanhua leaves is seasonal, forest of the most satisfied its nothing is more… than, go for a walk in the country in spring, search spring! Blowing warm warm spring breeze, look at the green viridescence between hill green, much appearance is colorful, really beautiful exceedingly is vivid! On March 12 morning, new city of area class leader, south is in charge of collectivity of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty appoint meet leading group member, collective comes to southern new city to 023 base, enter compulsory forest activity together. As we have learned, passed the work of insecurity of a many hour that day, cultivate Wan Ying, violet Xie Li, midget crabapple in all, hang down the cross-strait plant such as peach of filar Chinese flowering crabapple, green jade, Mu Jin, Gong Feng makes an appointment with 600 more than individual plant in all, a nursery stock that falls newly stand firm with the wind, deliver the opportunity of survival of move spring and energy. The reporter understands, today a this ground Founder of forest is obligate of program of southern new city white ground, “Alleged white ground, do not have definite program utility temporarily namely actually, when when next functional fixed position are clearer, make clear its utility again, so short-term inside we develop afforestation activity here first, the zoology environment that also is new to the south city has a better help effect. ” bridge of Mayun of general manager of company of group of construction of development of southern new city to reporter introduction. The tree is grown went down, grow very crucially to be returned so that see the conserve of later period. “We are to should ensure of survival rate! Later period can strengthen conserve meticulously for certain, let each green life get continueing. ” Ma Yunqiao complements. It is reported, height of area of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty takes environmental construction seriously, hold to ” return a river at civilian, heavy in effect a permanent cure, one river one plan, the whole people is participated in ” train of thought, area appoint standing committee already was 4 years continuously at the beginning of good year punish of environment of water of 6 collective survey, clench ” Shui Qingan green scene is beautiful ” target, catch every time fulfil, according to ” systematic processing, two tactics sends force ” guiding principle of new period prevent floods by water control, begin water environment to promote the action continuously, build the aquatic state environment of dweller masses satisfaction with all one’s strength.