Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Wang Ling of reporter Hou Xiaowei’s reporter) the near future, safety of food of province of union of superintendency bureau of market of region of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty, city is big check big examination big superintend and director to check small meal of special operation and whole area integrated punish promotes the action, when 315 consumer rights and interests protects recently to face, comprehensive platoon checks network of area under administration to order hidden danger of food food safety. On March 8, jointly with city market superintendency bureau (former city feeds medical inspect bureau) meal safety superintends the Jin Luanda a tall building that manages exposure of pair of media early days, day substandard sells concentration the site rectify and reform a circumstance to have special inspection. Edifice of golden a small tinkling bell is all manage door already was in close down condition, but information of partial provision security is public show a card to keep clear of not in time. Of the day, naughty clean out the management inside alley door hold card to manage, from health of personnel of course of study card is all ready, environment of the field after the kitchen is relatively wholesome, but the part manages a food to process an operation non-standard. On March 13, region market superintendency bureau talks about ” beautiful group ” , ” hungry ” , ” drop drop ” 3 networks order eat platform, supervise and urge further the platform that order meal fulfils a network to order duty of main body of food food safety, instruct the platform that order meal to begin check oneself from correct, build system of wholesome food security, father to examine aptitude of the unit that join a network, business certificate of food of the person that ensure into net meal the service is offerred carries bright the permissive message such as management place is real. In the meantime, small meal of area of organization of region market superintendency bureau is integrated punish office executes the law personnel, order eat to manage to network of part of area under administration door concentration sells the division outside mixing undertake assault examination is mixed ” look round ” . From the point of examination circumstance, partial network orders eat to manage door food stores, treatment operation, lampblack is discharged, fire control safety still exist particular risk hidden danger, execute the law personnel all the spot is instructed one by one rectify and reform, allot superintend and director to check a bulletin to come apanage is street, the requirement is relevant and street according to whole area small meal standard rectifies take temporary solution to allow, the platoon of hidden danger of of all kinds risk that concentration sells the site outside strengthening provision further is checked, cogent eliminate safe hidden danger, normative level of management, ensure thereby people ” the safety on the tip of the tongue ” .