Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Fang Yulong of photography of Yao Zhenyong of reporter Fang Yulong’s reporter) no matter be the sheet of for military use of period of day of the aid that fight the United States, still found a state that year to sign the marriage certificate below, the for military use that is the capture in war of period of War of Resistance Against Japan even is telescopic… these old thing are in old thing of community of battalion of street lotus seed exhibits master shrine went up to be ” leading role ” , the near future appears centrally, establish tribute 70 years to new China. Old thing category is various make historical progress ” registrar ” special inside the exhibition hall that decorate, item on display places handpick old thing trimly to go up in the table, the biggest in item on display is the sheet of for military use of period of day of the aid that fight the United States, and the smallest ” chipboard train ticket ” size follows a badge about the same. Still having many objective exhibit already was god-given see, like the binoculars that falls from the capture in hand of Japanese army general, mew 120 vintage double turn over jug of camera, ice, barn lantern, still have once television of the portable radio of be the rage, vintage panda, old-style hand shakes the phone. In battalion of this lotus seed old thing is exhibited in, many old thing look be like ordinary, be historical development however ” registrar ” . Sheet of this blue Bai Ge comes from face of an aid that fight the United States before veteran, although already time is ages ago, but on the sheet ” face of the aid that fight the United States commemorates ” 6 bright red big character still Yi Yi is unripe brightness. The exhibiting by La Bai sheet is putting the marriage certificate a piece 1949 inside ark, be engaged the full name of person, chief witness at a wedding ceremony, introducer and bilateral parent all is written on its, the embroider on the fabrics with qualitative silk is worn peacock, colour butterfly and numerous flower, yan Zhi is extremely tall, have special historical sense. Recall one’s suffering and think over the source of present happiness look ahead old in 3 generation taste blueness read different connotation ” we are old to these thing is real too ripe ” , chen Jun exceeds a grandfather to tell a reporter, he what pass seventy years of age is having special feeling to these historical thing, “Allowance of that time article, have a meal food coupon of the need that drink boiling water, do double shoe to need cloth coupon, what to buy to want a bill almost, discharge very long line even occasionally, but material is rich now, income increased, also lacked the sort of fun ” . “Our home also has a such sewing machine, that moment used the salary of a few months to buy, after be being bought, still feel distressed quite, used all the time later now, the old partner is hated to part with throw, when doing not have a thing, take walk, quite good still with ” . Grandpa Chen say. 1983, the Yang Guozhi aunt of an average employee acquired plastic still plant the first piece of employee’s card in her life, “The everybody in the enterprise is full of love at that time ” , according to poplar aunt memory, because plastic plant is subject civil administration system, some colleagues are the disabled, poplar the aunt is happy to help them in working life however, resemble the big family of a be in harmony of its Le Rong, “Changed other job later, also fail to had experienced such atmosphere again, wanting to return occasionally is good at that time, this piece of employee’s card I also all the time collect carefully arrived today ” . Lei Jingyi of 10 years old is exhibited to old thing have feeling greatly, be informed when her going up century 80 time when, people communication need shakes according to armrest when the phone, cannot help taking old old telephone call, look up and down curiously rise. She expresses, this old thing is exhibited the hardships that makes she experiences the past to live and not easy, she cherishs church present life, effort study, become the ridgepole and beam-pillar of the state of the motherland. Testimony history more spirit of older generation of experience life hope can receive inheritance ” the life that these thing are experiencing a dweller, the history that witnessing new China to hold water 70 years at the same time ” , as one of organizers of the exhibition, community dweller thunderbolt says frankly, the hope can let everybody experience the changes of the times from which, cherish now, what feel a country at the same time is prosperous and strong, of the nation revitalize, “I feel right to a kind of distinct recollection is for old people, and to the child, having very strong education sense, the inheritance that this is spirit of a kind of times ” . According to master shrine street and relevant controller introduces, master shrine is street have numerous period ” registrar ” , they are hopeful to be apt to, active enterprising, the keep of dribs and drabs that wishs to will live comes down. This new China establishs old thing 70 years to exhibit, aim to build street and grumous culture atmosphere, enhance a dweller to participate in consciousness ceaselessly. Future is street will not forget first heart, sturdy belief, mining has the culture intention of characteristic alone, establish tribute 70 years for new China with real operation.