Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of reporter Xu Jianjun’s reporter) since this year, party branch of area business association is carried out seriously comprehensive the requirement from Yan Zhi party, clear ” 5 more ” the party builds working fixed position, accomplish team more solidarity, management is more scientific, style of work is more steady, service more deal with concrete matters relating to work, the cadre is more clean-fingered. It is to hold to firm politics to lead from beginning to end. Hold to ” politics establishs meeting, solidarity to build a sudden flash of inspiration of meeting, reform, development to be met by force ” , held area business association 8 3, conference of 4 chairmans chairman, 8 2 times the Executive Board is discussed, fluctuation linkage, harmonious cooperate, catch condominium together, advance the development of business association career jointly, had become the new normal state that area business association works. 2 it is to form perfect system safeguard stage by stage. Make ” meeting of chairman of chairman of business association of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill is regular ” , ” executive council of business association of Xuan Wu area and personnel of standing committee composition in adjust method ” , ” the announcement that business association of Xuan Wu area differs innovation get right on the job to drive high quality to develop about searching to mark ” . Around whole area ” battle of large tube-shaped part ” working structure, the advanced the city zone such as Wu Jiang of west lake of more beautiful to mark study Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Suzhou, push job of key of area business association, characteristic job, innovation work in the round. 3 it is to forging continuously eligible hold appoint team. Carry out deep fulfil ” it is better that the State Council of Central Committee of Communist Party of China promotes outstanding entrepreneur spirit about building entrepreneur health growing environment the opinion that produces entrepreneur effect ” , do economy of good blame state ownership to be evaluated integratedly on behalf of the personage, make an on-the-spot investigation recommend, political arrangement, recommend delegate of congress of Su Shang of propagandist whole world, reforming and opening outstanding entrepreneur, many entrepreneur enters National People’s Congress of province urban district, the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and democratic party party, a batch of preeminent companies and entrepreneur win country and province city honorary title. 4 it is exert oneself compose builds new-style politics business concern. Strengthen place to belong to chamber of commerce to organize construction. Economy of state ownership of consummate insider, chamber of commerce, blame represents a public figure ” 3 databases ” construction, establish party of chamber of commerce to build working political instructor, undertake classified guidance to what belonging to party of chamber of commerce to build the job, street chamber of commerce established Suo Jincun whole area Party branch of first chamber of commerce. Strengthen business association to serve brand construction. Begin deep ” visit old survey greatly ” activity, visit area business association constant hold appoint accomplish enclothe completely, coordinate the problem accumulative total that in solving civilian battalion enterprise to develop in transition, encounters more than 330 second. Finish ” about be not domain of state ownership economy the research of ideological construction ” , ” the report that holds the position of chairman of area business association on behalf of the personage about be not state ownership economy ” wait for key survey task. Take the lead in exploring compose to build chamber of commerce to exit a mechanism in whole town, organization of comprehensive promotion chamber of commerce builds a level, develop place to belong to chamber of commerce better the organization is being promoted ” two health ” set an example mediumly lead action. Advance in the round ” 4 good ” construction of chamber of commerce, what belong to chamber of commerce to found the rate that amount to mark to achieve 60% .