Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zheng Yingling of reporter Gu Doujuan’s reporter) on December 27, 2018 morning, get together treasure mountain community was begun with ” answer eye to reform 40 years, get together the heart gets together Bao Juyuan dawns ” the large square activity that gives priority to a problem, this second activity party of community of You Jubao hill group the service center is sponsorred, center of project of innovation of community of porcelain of evening of tea of court of district of incredible connecting with the boxing skill undertakes. The activity is special invited black Wu Hu street Cao Xiaozhong of the member that organize, get together party of treasure mountain community group Cao Wenlan of secretary of service center general Party branch, in all more than 100 people entered this activity. The activity is opposite in Cao secretary broad dweller pulls open heavy curtain in the beatific sound 2019, the show begins formally, the song that the student of the college brings ” 365 blessings ” those who sang pair of good New Year is yearning, right uncle aunt people good blessing; Group of art of community of You Jubao hill brings ” soft soft eye wave is soft soft you ” , ” Kang Ba kisses ” the solo dance that with Chen Zhilan the aunt brings ” the snow of north of a place of strategic importance ” the Wen Wan that shows a Chinese woman. Subsequently, held ” on sufficient needle restful ” the outstanding volunteer of volunteer service group reachs 5 good families to commend ceremony, get together treasure mountain community ” on sufficient needle restful ” volunteer service group, go all the way, condensed how much joyous sound to laugh language, sensation a bit is volunteer story, will continue in prospective day engrave ” consecratory, friendly affection, help each other, progress ” volunteer spirit. 5 pairs when commend ” 5 good families ” achievement of family of intermediate range Feng Yuan lets attendant dweller use a facial expression for it, 5 years do not leave the old partner convalesce that does not abandon tan1huan4 of the paralysis in letting cerebral haemorrhage, the about that gives aid to each other so is we get together a scenery of treasure garden. This show activity still has come from 4 when literary team makes up community masses to act oneself oneself literary programs, if friendship concert of silk of dance, folding fan dance, calabash, ” my Chinese dream ” cantata, the cross talk that still undergraduate volunteer is brought and country wind dance ” reason dream ” , delivering the joyance of New Year with music, conveying collective wish with dancing. Lively dancing, beautiful air, the singing of loud and clear, revealed community dweller to the top of one’s bent young, active up mental scene. Get together party of treasure mountain community group Cao Wenlan of secretary of service center general Party branch says: “Just meet reforming and opening 40 years, treasure mountain community gets together to will make servive routine of high-quality goods community below new condition, better service at the dweller. ” the atmosphere that builds community warmth harmony, build mutual communication communicates platform between the dweller, situation of promotional community neighborhood.