Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of reporter of beautiful jade of reporter Zheng beautiful jade) the building is a city very in the sky a corner of long-term negligence, very public position takes the floor at will lid building, build thing, personnel tramples at will, injure housetop thermal insulation, waterproof layer, bring about attic resident roofing slack, belongings is occurred from time to tome by the loss. The reporter before residential building top is transformed learns, reach normal use function to ensure Lou Dingan is complete, this year, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill finished the foundation of punish of 10 thousand housetop of rain of square metre leakage to go up last year, be opposite again housetop of 30 thousand rain of square metre leakage carried out area of and other places of opening of Suo Jincun, new market punish, neat, function restores the housetop environment after punish. In addition, to strengthen management length effect, guide owner consciousness to safeguard residential building to carry the use function of area and program on the head, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill takes the lead in making in whole town came on stage ” building of house of Xuan Wu region is very common place government measure ” . This method also is whole town first house building is very common place government measure. The building supports ” plant dish ” , ” walk a dog ” , ” build dove canopy ” these happen from time to tome, because he is in building coping, be discovered not easily, also be the blank that execute the law all the time. Ms. Wang that ever worked in community of red hill park tells a reporter, the dweller is encountered many cases to complain housetop to build when community works before retiring violate build, kind the dish, incident that raises pet. “Some dwellers buy a room to come to Nanjing from the country, do not have a thing to like to plant dish, raise a flower, return on the sly to build doghole even, raise rabbit, community compels her to demolish for many times do not have method, a few days are done not have to be built again after be being torn open rise, it is to let poll ache really. ” after residential building top is transformed nowadays, as ” method ” come on stage, made to the right of owner and obligation clear, administrative responsibility made the unit such as committee of company of service of branch of each relevant administration director, street to the area agency, property, owner differentiate, also limit to violating behavior and legal responsibility to make. Ms. Wang expresses, ” method ” come on stage will begin the job to have very great help to community, a moment ago looked carefully, each regulation is written very finely, encounter the dweller that does not cooperate, you can be taken ” method ” rational has occupy cite case statement, if be not rectified and reform, do not demolish, why will be planted punishment, such everybody had worry in the heart, can serve as actively. ” after residential building top is transformed ” ” method ” basically be to pass the form of citizen convention and village government joint pledge to appear, the form that makes joint is formed between owner will enhance ego management consciousness, everybody can abide by this kind of agreement self-consciously. ” house property of construction of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill and traffic bureau punish do staff member Zhang Anjian to express, the form that adopts convention can make owner fulfills his right, also want to fulfil oneself obligation at the same time. If disobeyed convention content, the property company that the village is in, execute the law branch, the attributive with respective basis, through administrative punishment, civil suit or community mediates a few kinds of forms to solve corresponding problem. Square propaganda it is reported, be in ” method ” before coming on stage, passed brew adequately, leading unit has held masses discuss official business to be able to listen to masses opinion for many times, hold special subject to be able to solicit each proposal, hold an expert to evaluate legal principle of can sufficient argumentation, ensure ” method ” each clause points to clear, regulation clear, legal principle is enough. Current, ” method ” already carried out at rising on December 1, 2018. To expand witting spend and participate in degree, early days, house property of construction of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill and traffic bureau printed 2000 conduct propaganda placard is stickup at 1000 each property village, conduct propaganda manual extends dweller. This morning, developed spot activity in drum-tower citizen square again, will ” method ” content undertakes conduct propaganda again.