Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Di of Zhang Bo of reporter Xuan Xuan’s reporter) on January 3 morning, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill the 18th people’s congress the 3rd times the conference opens. The reporter learns from the spot, 2018 ” working report of government of people of Xuan Wu division ” real issue of specific 30 the people’s livelihood cashs entirely, evaluate via tripartite, masses satisfaction is spent be as high as 95.21% . “This year, we alleviate effort the supply and demand that old the city zone jockeys is contradictory, will gain a resident newly communal parking space 2000. ” hair of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill changes bureau director Du Jingna to tell a reporter, in working report of today’s government of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill, increase communal parking space to had been written into division of incredible 2019 connecting with the boxing skill in real issue of 20 the people’s livelihood. According to Introduction Du Jingna, “This year, jockey in the light of what common people pays close attention to particularly problem, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill is in what early days had combed each area resident to jockey demand. Current, my area still has the gap of nearly 20 thousand parking space, center energy to be put on the question with solve a dweller to jockey difficult now so. ” it is reported, whole area had made 7 street parking lot construction integral program, through orgnaization of a few societies (the school) partial underground parking lot takes pair of societies to open, will alleviate with this old old village jockeys difficult question. For instance, already positive recently try to find a solution, xuan Wu foreign language school, 13 in the parking lot of one part underground of school of Suo Jincun cent is opened to social community. Add division of incredible 2019 connecting with the boxing skill real issue of 20 the people’s livelihood 1. Carry out ” school of new name of division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill develops a plan (2018, 2022) ” , build quality to teach 15 characteristic schools. 2. Alleviate old the city zone jockeys supply and demand is contradictory, gain a resident newly communal parking space 2000. 3. Build and change extend 6 middle and primary school, increase obligation to teach degree and children education degree 2500. 4. Executive building carries public position on the head special processing, the housetop that finish is treated leak and tear open violate each 10 thousand square metre. 5. Begin high quality provide for the aged to serve enlarge face action, add bed of provide for the aged newly 800 pieces. 6. Promote communal sanitation service standard, build medical establishment of characteristic basic level. 7. Executive An Jubao barrier project, advance Gu Jiaying to ensure room construction and apartment of talent of 10 thousand square metre to prepare to construct. 8. Executive meal lampblack weighs bit of punish project, found demonstrative block of punish of 7 meal lampblack. 9. Carry out ” appropriate is resided ” project, finish environment of 27 old old villages integrated punish. 10. Build perfect already the residence adds ladder normal mechanism, continue to advance already the residence adds ladder job. 11. Executive water environment promotes a project, finish promotion of 6 wadi punish. 12. Establishment of form a complete set of executive environmental sanitation is built, finish 5 public toilets new rebuild the task. 13. Cheng of dangerous section of disappear of fire prevention of residence of executive high level, finish 148 residences kind high-level solidify water takes construction. 14. Carry out ” food basket ” promotion project, complete operation of standardization of shop of par of 20 benefit civilian. 15. Carry out provincial poineering community to establish a project, drive obtain employment 24600 people. 16. Cheng of laborer of benefit of executive culture sports, activity of major of the style that finish 200. 17. Cheng of laborer of executive travel benefit, activity of characteristic of the travel that finish 100. 18. Hold general benefit finance to serve an activity, raise common people to be on guard financial venture ability, 100 services take community. 19. Girl of executive deformity children acts into long care, the girl of children of of the right age that accords with a condition 100% go to school. 20. Executive village society administers demonstrative area project, the reseau that finish founds the rate that amount to mark to amount to 100% .