Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of Gao Yujun of reporter He Huan’s reporter) nowadays society, revealing a more and more children problems: Children be lost, stay behind, impoverished, education, mental health, these children groups, it is the object that we must pay close attention to and takes seriously. Heart radical square serves as a shopping centers, regard the public that has social force as the place, do significant to whole society business all the time hard, paying close attention to from beginning to end ” children health develops ” social problem. In May 2010, first time of heart radical square is introduced with ” care children ” the beneficent photography that gives priority to a problem is exhibited ” transmit the smile ” ; In June 2015, heart radical square is thorough ” be missing children ” topic of heat of this one society, will ” angel defends a plan ” take people at the moment. The whole nation the first public ” defend system of children be lost ” start formally, let ” small red cap ” in the heart of citizen of figure development Nanjing. The corresponding period, exhibit in heart radical square the 61 canvas work that painter Li Yue gets — ” the child ” , also released in the light of parent of be lost children true the commonweal short film that cover ” think you, the child ” , and help of the ground like the miracle is in Nanjing be lost child of two years ” Bei Bei ” beside returned a mother afresh. 2017 – 2018, “Angel defends a plan ” still continueing. Successive summer vacation of two years, heart radical square hand in hand the commonweal orgnaization, media children doodle activity that held break fresh ground, paid close attention to Tang syndrome children, wait for group of weak force children from the children that shut disease, children audition barrier. In October 2018, heart radical square again thorough ” angel defends a plan ” , pay close attention to orphan and group of children staying behind, hand in hand sina Jiangsu, small commonweal, set foot on ” angelic desire ” the brigade of thematic oneiromancy. By way of 3 provinces 6 ground, span 2864.3 kilometers, listen respectfully these ” predicament children ” little desire, the hope can use love and the world that the action changes them. This second ” angelic desire ” commonweal photography is exhibited, those who exhibit is this commonweal oneiromancy 14 children that action place films’ real life is illuminated, and fall through camera lens record in this second journey a few ” predicament children ” the current situation. Exhibit an area to be located in atrium of first floor of first phase of heart radical square, cover an area of a face to accumulate 60 ㎡, exhibit in all the photography work with 72 differ dimension. Exhibiting photography work out is contemporary photography artist Hu Zhengdong and group member, introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad Laoshi expresses to be honoured to be able to be participated in very much this second ” angelic desire ” commonweal oneiromancy acts film the job, this experience lets him feel, pay close attention to commonweal and put into practice for it, it is us the responsibility that each Everyman should assume. Those who serve as this second activity sponsor just reach initiate Fang Zhi one, heart radical square chooses partial child to represent, filmed commonweal placard makes commonweal publicize piece, in small gain platform topic of # of desire of search # angelic can browse relevant content. Person of job of heart radical square shows, this second ” angelic desire ” the original intention that the activity initiates commonweal oneiromancy, it is the help that the hope can give these children in one’s power, but through approaching actually their life, they discover these ” predicament children ” be short of truly break, it is the care that comes from family and company. Accordingly, heart radical square also hopes to come true through this kind ” New Year desire ” means, bring love and warmth for these children. As we have learned, the activity collected this second commonweal oneiromancy in all up to now countrywide each district is close the desire of 3000 children, in heart radical square ” man-to-man claim platform ” go up, share 692 desires to undertake with man-to-man means for love personage claim is helped. There already were 601 desires on this platform at present by claim, the customer service staff member of heart radical square is established temporarily ” love angel group ” , had had 354 among them article mailing in succession. In the meantime, aidejijinhui, Li Zhiyang is combined to be aided solely in small commonweal platform learned the line on fund ” angelic desire ” special commonweal presents a project, target raise the wind 300 thousand yuan, will realize New Year desire for 1884 children. Current, this commonweal project already raised money money of be apt to more than yuan 110 thousand. Here, we also appeal more love personage joins this second commonweal oneiromancy come in the activity, wish the fatigue of each the individual’s raise one’s hand, can change their world. Heart radical square all the time since insist to perform enterprise society duty, devote oneself to commonweal career, future still will have a series of thorough plans and operation. Be aimed at orphan and the education that at present urgent need changes children staying behind and psychological problem, sponsor all circles of square appeal society to spread out to discuss actively, expect to be able to be driven finally offer practical program. Hope with stronger reach company appeal power with the action that has love more, affect more person to join the procession of love commonweal jointly. Believe ” angelic desire ” the butterfly effect of this pair of small wing flap, can alter social future.