Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Bo of reporter Huang Beibei’s reporter) on December 22 afternoon, software of Nanjing incredible connecting with the boxing skill and association of news service industry establish congress and the first general meeting in Xu Zhuang new and high area is held. Conference discussion was passed ” software of Nanjing incredible connecting with the boxing skill and regulations of association of association of news service industry ” , choose adduce the first software and orgnaization of leadership of association of news service industry, dong Dazhi of limited company of IT of Jin Saiwei of Inc. of information science and technology, Jiangsu, Nanjing can change limited company of science and technology of Nanjing road ox, Saitesi Inc. of spatio-temporal information science and technology is elected as systematic limited company, speed for spell chairman unit. Division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill appoint Mu Genglin of vice secretary, warden is right of association hold water to express congratulation and point out, area appoint, the dominant industry that district government holds to a software and news service industry to regard Xuan Wu as prospective development, will offer more actor policy, more support, more actor serves, accelerate carry out ” 3 one ” project, namely an an an association, policy, special fund, play policy directs and lever puts large action, main support software and news service industry grow further expand. “Next, we hope to be member company to provide better communication platform on one hand through association, share a few more respective outstanding experience and method, promote the development of respective enterprise thereby. On the other hand, it is better to also hope to pass association unscramble good industry to support in the round for software and IT enterprise policy and a few good guiding direction. Pass such interacting, the enterprise is OK base oneself upon communicates better at be being formed between association and government. ” president of limited company of science and technology of Nanjing road ox expresses at Duide, there still is a more important sense after association holds water, it is member unit the difficulty that encounters in development, association can be helped concentration is collected and feedback, can furnish the government sector is being done decision-making when provide a few proposals and reference, in order to facilitate later period can better make the policy of form a complete set that has given for the enterprise. As we have learned, after association holds water, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill appoint, district government will be perfected through building ” 3 mechanisms ” , communicate link up with of cadre of mechanism of interactive mechanism, entrepreneur informal discussion, leader with the enterprise to contact service company mechanism regularly namely, accomplish ” 3 active ” , go to an enterprise survey, actively actively to explain to public to understand an enterprise policy, actively to appeal to to the enterprise namely beg, main help enterprise resolves real difficulty, promote the quality that serves to look forward to and standard ceaselessly. It is reported, one of arms of the person at the head of a procession that division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill develops as industry of Nanjing city software, scientific research force is abundant, software industry basis is better. Introduce at present, bred Su Ning to be bought easily, road ox travel, Saitesi, Jin Saiwei, east the enterprise of bibcock of a batch of industries such as news of big intelligence, rate, in the foundation software, application software, cloud is calculated and the fractionize domain such as safety of big data, information develops rapid. Current, whole area shares software and information company more than 3000, software and news service line of business predict to amount to 73 billion yuan, 2018, software business income predicts to exceed 41 billion yuan.