Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Xu Qiang) to make the connection between community and dweller more close, exalt community warmth happy feeling, celestial being resides elegant center community to combine project of innovation of community of porcelain of face tea evening to develop a center, on December 22, 2018 in the morning at 9 o’clock, in black Wu Hu street celestial being resides party of elegant center community group the service center is begun ” dumpling waves sweet greet solstitial, thick consuetudinary warm my heart ” solstitial theme activity. Wrap dumpling with one’s own hands, taste dumpling each other, in such traditional festival, everybody happilies gather under the same roof, promotional affection. The activity began formally at 9 o’clock, community made sufficient preparation for this activity, all kinds of stuffing makings, boiler, chopping board is waited a moment, the apron that connect a flower is ready. Of dumpling of skin of dumpling of hold tight dough, roll, bag, next dumpling… division of labor makes clear dwellers, with oneself the means of expert is wrapping sundry dumpling, spot atmosphere is harmonious, be permeated with everywhere ” ” flavour, ” ” sweet. Aunt people distinguish oneself, not a little while kongfu, dumpling has included an in part. Community staff member boiled one boiler have a taste of what is just in season first for everybody, the desk on the dumpling end of fresh nice and warm, everybody strive to be the first sampled rise, praise dumpling delicacy is sweet in succession, everybody happilies gather under the same roof celebrate a festival very sweet. In community Guang Rushu thing gate of a lane writes down offer to fall, wrap good half dumpling later, send in a respectful form of address for an old person of orphans and widows of community advanced age, they do not have method to enter an activity as a result of body reason, also let them experience community to bring everybody’s warmth. Mobile spot is lively and extraordinary, risking the stockpot of steam, the dumpling of multicoloured, happy laugh breaks up the chill of wintry day. This second activity, let dwellers experience festal warmth not only, more the connotation that made them personal experience China convention red-letter day, also increased the communication connection between neighborhood at the same time, promoted traditional festival culture, built grumous festal atmosphere, also let masses of dweller of area under administration experience the warmth of great care and community big family in cold wintry day at the same time.