Dispatch of dragon tiger net a few days ago, city Bureau of Finance and finance do to be held jointly ” award of innovation of finance of city of 2018 year Nanjing ” selection result gives heat, you Gaochun farming labour appoint coordinate the whole nation that breeds enterprise and insurance company development first ” weever breed aquatics is safe ” on a list of names posted up famous. This project was solved breed a trouble back at home, make economic benefits promotes considerably, every mus of profit turns over one times. Be in early 2015, aquiculture enterprise of Gao Chun pulls place of courtyard of hand scientific research, in the whole nation innovation research and development went out ” crab + weever ” breed new pattern. “When sheet raises crab, there is very much aquatic small worm in the pond, they not only grab food with crab, easy still pestiferous, cause crab disease. Institute of science of aquatic product of city of we and institute of aquatic product of Pearl River of courtyard of Chinese water section, Nanjing cooperates, introduce California weever, domestication hind is put in crab pond, they are with these small insect feed, zoology is able to balance, crab disease decreases greatly. ” in Nanjing the biggest ” crab + weever ” breed base — the group of Jiangsu Shuai Feng that is located in Gao Chun, deputy total Wang Dongming tells a reporter. “The crab that we think to be in place breeds door in promotion, did not think of most person shakes the head into rattle-drum. ” Wang Dongming says, enervated of body of this kind of fish, in case hair unripe disease is not had with respect to principal returned. Although fresh water fish breeds,have insurance, but compensate pays inferior, the breed aquatics that can’t enclothe California weever cost, we all wants to raise dare not raise again. Gao Chun farming is versed in appoint take the lead, taking an enterprise to find China to combine center of Nanjing of property insurance Inc. to pay a company, in June 2017, research and development went out ” pond of Nanjing city commerciality advocate raise big black perch (California weever) breed clauses ” . This is insurance of Jiangsu head odd weever not only, the first weever that also is domestic insurance industry is safe. “Every mus of pond gives in 630 yuan of insurance cost, highest and OK win 15 thousand yuan of compensation. 2017, we take the lead in breeding surface to cast for 200 mus protect, paid add up to about 300 thousand yuan to breed a compensate in those days. ” Gao Chun of Inc. of insurance of China combination property raises company controller Jiang Wengao to say, because safeguard limits is wider, safe amount is higher, the breed aquatics that protect is cast since this year door with enterprise more, cast protected surface area to turn over one times. Be in ” weever is safe ” below convoy, at present Gao Chun had had 779 mus of ponds to adopt ” crab + weever ” breed new pattern, mu produce profit to be able to achieve 8000 yuan, 10 thousand yuan, local farmer is added accordingly close become rich. (reporter plum handsome reporter Xie Yuling )