Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Liu Yana of reporter season rain) on January 2 morning, division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill the 2nd times the conference is in the 18th people’s congress building of office of incredible connecting with the boxing skill 416 assembly room open. Come from whole area the great trust that the 237 celebrity of each battlefront represent people of bear whole area greatly, taking the divine responsibility that constitution and law gift, for society of whole area economy development builds character to make suggestions, plan a distribution. In the morning 10:30, congress kicks off in magnificent national anthem sound. Yang Lehua of director of standing committee of 18 National People’s Congress manages division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill first time plenary session. Division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill appoint Mu Genglin of vice secretary, warden makes governmental working report to congress on behalf of division people government. The report divides in all for 3 parts: The job is working reviewing, overall 2018 2017 ask and worked 2018 arrangement. The report points out, a year of in the past, next development study on whole area carry out be used to to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly, fall in the right leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government and area appoint below strong leadership, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, development innovation, encourage act vigorously is entered, complete a division smoothly the task of each project bid with affirmatory conference of first time of the 18th people’s congress, implementation is new job of a government is good a bureau. It is industrial transition strong thrust is entered, economy moves firm in to good. Predicting annual realizes area total output value 75 billion yuan, grow 9% compared to the same period; Finance gross income strides about a hundred 100 million step, achieve 11.2 billion yuan, among them general and communal budgetary receipts 5.98 billion yuan, compare growth continuously 22.3% , grow 10.8% with caliber, taxation is occupied than amounting to 94.2% ; Whole society fixed assets invests 15.9 billion yuan, grow 20% compared to the same period; Social consumable total volume of retail sales 52.3 billion yuan, grow 10% compared to the same period; Service line of business raises a cost 74.3 billion yuan, grow 11% compared to the same period; The bag outside the service that finish executes the specified number 2.31 billion dollar, use foreign capital actually 230 million dollar, foreign trade exports 21 billion yuan, service trade imports and exports the forehead 290 million dollar. Main index is added fast rank whole town front row, economic progress impetus is in recent years best. 2 it is environmental punish main assault fortified positions, old city features is more beautiful beautiful. Focusing is careful and delicate, essence of life of comprehensive executive town refines construction management ” 10+9 ” the action builds a project 235 times in all, area function character realizes new promotion. 3 it is social enterprise develops continuously, people life is more happy. Project of real issue of 28 the people’s livelihood completes year entirely, all dweller average per capita can control income to predict to amount to 60500 yuan, occupy complete province first place 4 years continuously, masses obtains feeling, happy feeling and satisfaction to spend increase ceaselessly. 4 it is to deepen reform to send force in the round, development vigor increases significantly. Hoof disease pace is steady advance deepen reform in the round, exert oneself enhances reform sex of systematization, whole, in coordination quality, main field and crucial link reform gain revolutionary headway. The report points out, of a bureau that 2018 is the 19 great mind that carry out a party year, it is reforming and opening 40 years, it is decide the issue of the battle builds comparatively well-off society in the round, carry out ” 935 ” the key of program a connecting link between the preceding and the following a year. Governmental job is overall this year the requirement is, carry out the 19 great mind of the party in the round, in order to review thought of socialism of characteristic of China of close smooth new era is guidance, inspect Jiangsu according to the secretary-general serious talk demand, according to conference of central economy job and province, city, area appoint arrangement of plenary meeting deploy, insist to advance steadily working total fundamental key, hold to new development concept, hold to high quality development, advance as a whole ” 5 an organic whole ” attune of total position chime is advanced ” 4 comprehensive ” strategic layout, closely around provincial Party committee ” two get together one tall ” ” two tall two strong ” and raise Nanjing city first place to spend a requirement, closely around municipal Party committee ” a Gao Shuiping building, 6 remarkable ” struggling target, firmly stands fast ” go in foremost row, contend for when arms of the person at the head of a procession ” target pursuit, with sex of supply side structure reform gives priority to a line, had done steady growth, hurried as a whole the people’s livelihood of structure of reform, attune, benefit, windbreak danger works each, build comparatively well-off society, high quality to advance in the round in Gao Shuiping ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” Xin Xuanwu builds a respect to obtain steady progress, stride bigger step. The report points out, economic society progress anticipated sexual index is 2018: Area total output value can compare growth 8.5% , strive 10.5% ; General and communal budgetary receipts grows 7% with caliber, strive 10% ; Investment of whole society fixed assets grows 10% , strive 20% ; Investment of estate of new and high technology grows 12% ; Social consumable total volume of retail sales grows 10% , strive 11% ; All dweller average per capita can control income to finish city to decide a goal. Tie sex index is: Specific power consumption of 10 thousand yuan of GDP drops number of make known to lower levels of the city that finish, number of day of above of air quality secondary standard is achieved 75% , full extent eliminates put oneself in another’s position of black smelly water basically. The report points out, had done work this year, want recognize condition already, should contact again actual; Want to see difficulty already, want to keep self-confident again, accomplish 5 to hold to from beginning to end: It is the development demand that holds to high quality; 2 it is the development thought that insists to be a center with people; 3 it is the development route that insists to deepen reform in the round; 4 it is the working concept that insists to be changed subtly; 5 it is the working pursuit that holds to try to be the first of get right on the job. The report points out, implementation economic society develops a target this year, it is good to wanting redo the following 5 respects work: It is to get together force science and technology innovates, accelerate kinetic energy changeover, comply with economic rule and age requirement, sedulous stress innovation, exploration advocate innovation of the city zone develops new way. 2 it is outstanding assemble intensive, become strong industry dominant position, the area affection that line of business of service of base oneself upon gives priority to characteristic, accelerate productivity to serve promotion of industry competition ability and life sex to serve job layer class to promote, compose builds directional clarity, characteristic bright, open the system of industry of contemporary service line of business that share. 3 it is promotion function character, reveal advocate city style and features, aggrandizement systematization thinking, as a whole job of city building and economy, the people’s livelihood concerns, accelerate advance old city and new city to coordinate development, reveal advocate the urban characteristic of city core area and character. 4 it is to respond to masses to expect, improve the people’s livelihood continuously, change systematic construction to be important grasper equably with basic and public service, do servive routine of good the people’s livelihood heart and soul, the happiness that ceaseless and contented people grows increasingly gives birth to vivid need. 5 it is to deepen reform in the round, improve governmental efficiency, advance governmental efficiency construction in order to reform, with higher level, stricter requirement, realer style of work, make government of law government, get right on the job, clean-fingered government. The report emphasizes finally, the mission is called take on, the mission leads future. Make us close together solidarity is all round the Party Central Committee that is core with Comrade Xi Jinping, hold high mind of socialism of characteristic of China of Xi Jinping new era is great banner, fall in the right leader of municipal Party committee, municipal government and area appoint below strong leadership, do not forget first heart, remember a mission well, serve as actively, with time will not wait for me, the spirit of seize every minute, whole thrust stabilizes each job into reform development, for construction ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” Xin Xuanwu and indefatigable struggle! In the meantime, division of incredible 2018 connecting with the boxing skill is on the base that seeks social popular wishes extensively, priority discipline also is in the real issue of 30 the people’s livelihood that actor is chosen and discreet decision boosts on today’s conference fresh give heat. 1. Carry out dining room of whole area middle and primary school Cheng of chemical industry of prandial nutrition standard. 2. Start new name school to breed a plan, advance school of 6 above new name to build. 3. Build Tie Beigong Shan Xincheng middle school, elementary school each 1, add 2 nursery school newly. 4. Offer lives to attend for old people of above of 85 one full year of life free service. 5. Add bed of provide for the aged newly 600 pieces. 6. Add newly jockey berth 2000. 7. Start working builds Xin Xiaoling to defend community sanitation service center. 8. Autograph of the family doctor that finish serves standardization to build about, begin Hui Minxuan of special subject of health of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to tell 100, build a studio of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine 6. 9. Build static love of environment of medical establishment periphery to set an example project 1. 10. The free market of agricultural products that finish is transformed upgrade reach circumjacent environment integrated punish project 5, build food safety fast control laboratory 15, fast test point 20. 11. Build and promote whole area par vegetable store, vegetable of the par that finish takes activity of village special performance 100. 12. Build and perfect already the residence adds elevator to normalize service mechanism, drive build residential lift of a batch of dwellers. 13. Build demonstrative market of punish of characteristic meal lampblack 7. 14. Advance residential village ” one processing 3 rise ” project, build community to administer demonstrative village 14. 15. Build community common people ” small happiness ” service station 15. 16. Start working construction ensures a room 900. 17. Establish city of alley of a batch of streets to run service station (volunteer service station) , face of street of press close to runs a service. 18. Red road of construction Monarch Yao terminal of rubbish of 400 tons of capacities. 19. Finish old old village to standardize punish 66. 20. Finish an area rain corrupt billabong transforms a project 141. 21. Establishment of area of low sheeting of water supply of residence of the dweller that finish transforms 15. 22. System of 5 kinds of water eliminates promotion of executive water environment and 13 wadi bad project. 23. Lane of the alleyway that finish is integrated punish 30, level off village goes out trade logic 30. 24. Demolish building top to violate build 10000 square metre. 25. Finish 30000 square metre punish of rain of leakage of top of building of old old village. 26. Achieve provincial do poineering work model street 3, provincial do poineering work model community 21. 27. Finish ” the disabled’s home ” build 10, implementation is street enclothe completely. 28. Hold high-quality goods Hui Minwen to turn special performance performance 52, build do not black out study 2. 29. Activity of sports of constituent of a mass character 150 showing number. 30. Issue You Huimin of force of incredible connecting with the boxing skill to serve a ticket.