Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Mu Yan Yan of photography of reporter Liu Xiaoning) open of summer vacation mode, summer camp activity emerges in endlessly. On July 11, 2018, the basketball of an international level trains battalion to open battalion in tall honest gymnasium, it is reported trains what battalion uses this is the mode of be born of American trainer non-stop flight to, the adolescent that enters an activity can follow coach of American professional basketball to promote professional skill. This second international basketball trains battalion, obtain Jiangsu to save basketball association, Gao Chun of area tourism bureau and bureau of sports of tall honest area support energetically. Open battalion ceremonially, the students that come from elementary school of garden of Nanjing white cloud brought wonderful basketball to do a show.   It is reported, this second training camp is 3 days of 2 night, take the pattern of be born of American trainer non-stop flight to, the adolescent that gives China brings the most sterling American basketball training, whole training content includes training of player grade test, technology and match communication, help student experiences basketball fun, open international eye shot while the promotion that acquires basketball skill develops. “This international of institute of Kang Mei basketball trains battalion be born to pure high, because here serves as,basically be of Nanjing hind garden, what be far from a city on one hand is blatant, the zoology resource such as air and water is first-rate, on the other hand, regard international as the headquarters that slow city is in China, gao Chun also has the one side of internationalization, the atmosphere of sports and travel is better, the temperament that trains battalion with basketball is built quite. ” training camp controller expresses in interview. Latter, market of tall honest travel is prosperous, section of lotus of water slow city, add item glacial vulture newly again, the forest of fork brook slow city passes through the expeditionary desire of can contented tourist, the tall honest old street, gules group that the village abandons on the west builds travel also like a raging fire, the summer camp activity of a variety of forms is much to tall honest summer vacation time day swims the market is having better pull a movement to use, today’s basketball summer camp has teach outside a lot of major, besides the promotion to student skill, also having active sense to international communication.