Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yang Jun of reporter Liu Xiaoning’s reporter) on September 15, investment climate recommends red-letter day of crab of lake of city of solid of Gao Chun of · of the 18th China and autograph of major project concentration makes an appointment with a ceremony to achieve a center to hold in tall Chun Ke, as tall honest area can major project signs Jin Qia arrange a ceremony, spot autograph arranges a project today 36, always invest 36.29 billion yuan. The reporter understands, tall honest area appoint, district government will be capital attraction to break through certainly this year year, will spend section, crab section to be chance with gold, go out actively recommend action trade, the zoology environment with will tall good honest, high grade environment that start line of business, favorable battalion business environment introduces each district travelling merchant. Area of Nanjing city deputy mayor, tall honest appoint clerical Huo Huiping is told in the speech, should hold to ” double round drive ” the road of industrial strong division, “Double bring pull move ” the way that high end leads, “Two-way and interactive ” the road of cooperative win-win, the space that makes tall honest area open more capacious, motivation more driving, environment is more superior. She expresses, this multinomial eye centers an autograph to make an appointment with, reflected tall honest division adequately the favorable situation that advanced manufacturing industry and contemporary service line of business grow the level sex achievement of capital attraction and focusing, be sure to develop the kinetic energy with high quality new infuse for tall honest economy, also will establish new sample book for win-win of collaboration of politics look forward to. Tall honest area appoint Wu Yong of vice secretary, warden is used by force ” 3 most ” to Gao Chun area investment climate undertook recommending, he expresses, “Humanitarian details of Gao Chun is most rich and generous ” , here has the common culture that the historical culture with long inheritance, prosperity develops already, have again advocate the innovation culture of reform and original slow city culture, “Ancient ” with ” today ” , ” fast ” with ” slow ” here perfect confluence. “Person house environment of Gao Chun is advantageous most ” , tall honest area is having the landscape beautiful scenery of scene charming and gentle, having convenient and comfortable appropriate to rank an experience, having the traffic advantage of communication province border, also having the battalion business environment of the first of all. “Industrial development of Gao Chun has latent capacity most ” , as capital natural resources good luck of extensive assemble, strategy interacts overlay, be in rise gradually period fulcrum of south of innovation famous city, group of tall honest industry already took shape, and having vast carrier platform space, policy ensures everything needed is ready, attracting large quantities of investor to come round to inspect investment ceaselessly. In recommend finally, warden is told, the appearance of tall honest district is a butterfly, zheng Zhenchi Gao Fei greets beauty butterfly to change, the Logo of international slow city is a snail, before receiving authority, will savour enjoy the life slow, and the brand of tall Chun Zuiliang is a crab, section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest has kicked off, tall honest area will be chance with this grand meeting, invite sincerely each district honored guest to come to Gao Chun, choose Gao Chun, pull hand future. The autograph makes an appointment with ceremonially cent of 36 priority discipline is approved undertake signing agreement. As we have learned, according to ” 3+2 ” dominant industry classification, high-end intelligence is included to make category look in attending this second volume be the lucky number to arrange 36 projects of the ceremony 12, always invest 4.176 billion yuan; Category of new material of energy-saving environmental protection looks 8, always invest 3.57 billion yuan; Category of medical treatment health looks 5, always invest 1.44 billion yuan; Category of article brigade health looks 9, always invest 26.9 billion yuan; Zoology agriculture category looks 2, always invest 210 million yuan.