Dispatch of dragon tiger net (reporter Sun Haiyan) this is summit summit is right definitely, this is young arena. On June 1, what surpass semifinals and total final as controversy of mechanism youth theme is successful hold, by Gao Chun area class mechanism is versed in appoint He Gaochun round area appoint hold jointly ” look for difference to mark, innovation get right on the job ” contest of controversy of youth of office of tall honest district is in area culture house perfect ring down the curtain. That day morning, origin pures high district court and hospital of tall honest people, tall oneself 4 teams spread out broadcasting television stage and bureau of tax of land of tall honest area semifinals is right battle, everybody parts around wine sweet whether be afraid of alley child whether does deep, noisy strike need to weigh hammer to knock two debate topic to spread out, what do not see war is intense ” fight ” at this point battle, hospital of people of tall finally honest and bureau of tax of land of tall honest area enter finals with the advantage of appreciably. Afternoon, inscribe around argue ” innovation get right on the job, technical guiding idea ” or ” innovation get right on the job, ideal guiding technology ” spread out Guan Yajun to contend for battle, cross verbal swords of both sides of positive and negative, impassioned of from time to time, aggressive of from time to time. Their do all one can goes all out in work, strive upper reaches, their quote copiously from many sources, confidence is dye-in-the-wood, will whole game takes an another climax. Through intense contend, brave seizes delegation of bureau of tax of land of tall honest area champion. Carry out be used to to make the same score thought of socialism of characteristic of new era China nearly around development study, carry out the 19 great mind of the party in the round, farther emancipatory thought, right mark seeks get right on the job of poor, innovation, guide a youth actively to participate in Gao Chun ” one city one area one fulcrum ” construction, since this second contest will be started on May 8 oneself, share 36 delegations, 212 players sign up, got pure high of all circles pay close attention to energetically, the person enrages voting website the visit quantity of nearly 700 thousand, 120 thousand voting, a green agitation that think of differentiate was lifted in friend of tall honest youth!