(spot of opening ceremony of section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest) dispatch of Long Hu net (Zhu Dingxiang of reporter Liu Xiaoning’s reporter) come 18 years, house of person of dweller of tall honest country can control income to maintain year all the amplitude of 9% above, travel is integrated income year all amplitude exceeds 20% above, already accumulative total is introduced exceed project of industry of 100 million yuan of above 58, the investment that finish is close one billion four hundred and ten million and sixty-five thousand four hundred and eight yuan… on September 15, section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest pulled open heavy curtain, as tall honest area is main in recent years enrich the people one of industries crab aquaculture not only active local economy also let common people be experienced clearly ” green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” . (spot of opening ceremony of section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest) Gao Chun area appoint Wu Yong of vice secretary, warden is strong express, arrive from 2001 now, section of crab of solid city lake had gone 18 years, come 18 years, they grasp from beginning to end hold brand and character to coordinate hand-in-hand concept running a red-letter day, rely on substantial historical culture inside information and advantageous zoology environment resource, boost macrocosm tourism as a whole, consequence of international slow city promotes increasingly, annual crab festival has become Gao Chun to quicken agricultural modernization, stimulative farmer to be able to add persistent new kinetic energy continuously, promotion city image, pull the Xin Liang that moves travel spending dot and expand open to the outside world, the new platform that deepens mutually beneficial collaboration. The brand founds, put on the garment that protect a body for crab economy these days crab begins a large number of appearing on the market, the Wei Juan that pursues the sale on net of crab of solid city lake busied to rise apparently, arrive early greatly the circumstance of the way corp is growing of crab of pond mouth observation, come back to be about to comb the order that comes from countrywide each district. “Crab has not appeared on the market this year, had opened to booking ten yuan order. ” this is very scarce before, “Still basically originally now of city lake brand famous degree taller and taller. ” paying attention to a brand to protect is crab of solid city lake it is important to walk along a further more prop up. Be in early 2000, tall honest area showed the capacity for this locality crab, registered unified trademark. Found ” solid city lake ” the core of the brand is to promote agricultural synergism, farmer to add close, develop ” solid city lake ” crab brand economy. At present whole area shares what breed experience 20 years from personnel of course of study nearly 30 thousand person, breed an area 230 thousand mus, predicting crop can amount to seventeen thousand three hundred tons, the scale of big norms crab makes an appointment with 40 % . High yield also wants a bumper harvest, of the brand found and protect, draped firm armour for crab high price for good quality. (spot of opening ceremony of section of crab of lake of city of the 18th tall Chungu) character canal accuses, let crab economy more right to speak is in on press conference of section of the 18th crab, ask about again when the reporter how to assure character of crab of solid city lake when this old issue, chen Xianming of controller of institute of crab of lake of city of aquatic product expert, solid laughed, he has not been written down is an answer the a fewth this problem, the answer still is same — ” crab of solid city lake is to have 3 element of 3 meat or fish a soup is grown. ” the bait that what 3 element say 3 meat or fish is crab expects by spiral shell, small fish, shrimp, soja, corn, aquatic is comprised, and Shang Ze is the water of lake of solid city lake that point to. Solid city lake is Jiangsu provincial the nature with best water quality is laky, what the mechanism of admittance of project environmental protection of tall honest severe exacting assured lake water is clear, drinking ” clean water ” nature of grown crab of solid city lake is to win on the scratch line. Crab of solid city lake had had the honor to win river of monitor of the first state early or late is crab of chela of China cloth with soft nap plant formerly crab of chela of cloth with soft nap of China of level of the first field, state standardizes production to set an example integratedly certificate of attestation of the first piece of organic crab of area, whole nation ” with ” the whole nation. Meanwhile, crab of solid city lake is right breed a process, hierarchy of control of quality of executive whole journey is built, right ” solid city lake ” crab geography realizes data to change country of origin to register inside limits of district of mark product protection; Executive crab breeds construction of system of real time monitoring, trace to the source to breeding process whole journey; With crab of solid city lake government of system of Mu Zipin card is frame, deepen construction of system of zoology of brand of crab of solid city lake, ensure crab of solid city lake is in the advantage of character. (spot of opening ceremony of section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest) build the market, build large stage to be in center of business affairs of electron of country of slow city of brick wall a region of rivers and lakes for crab economy, company of business of 10 much home appliance is busying on the line, join the company that is stationed in a center at present nearly 20. Breed a crab of Bian Haibo breed aquatics to already had 16 years, just registered electric commodity card this year, into be stationed in center of business affairs of electron of country of slow city of a region of rivers and lakes, as the day of electronic business affairs profit grows, more and more people changed the look to this new ground, nevertheless, bian Haibo people centre of gravity still cannot leave terminal market of Gao Chun aquatic product this large stage. Come for years, tall honest area around crab characteristic industry, hold to ” do the market, promote industry, rich common people ” concept, increase project investment, ceaseless and outspread tall Chun Shui produces wholesale dimensions. Current, wholesale business mixes crab of the assemble inside the market of 120 thousand square metre manage door many 300, brand shop of crab of lake of city of 500 many solid is set in the whole nation, crab sells as far as to Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Nanjing to wait 150 many big in city, partial exit is abroad. Nevertheless, agency people think from beginning to end, management is only normative, the market with good order, just be them dare ” base area ” , now nowadays, terminal market of tall honest aquatic product has become the crab with countrywide the largest force to trade the market, the crab here trades the vane that the price is countrywide crab price. 2017, market implementation trades the forehead 4.755 billion yuan, aquatic product trades measure 230 thousand tons. Come 10 years, inc. of market of aquatic product of lake of Jiangsu solid city becomes Jiangsu to save company of key agriculture bibcock, market of green of level of enterprise of bibcock of system of total company of collaboration of countrywide supply and marketing, 100 strong companies, state, Ministry of Agriculture orders company of bibcock of emphasis of nation of industrialization of the market, agriculture surely. (bazaar of spot of opening ceremony of section of crab of lake of city of solid of the 18th tall honest) zoology is base, drive economy to develop high quality 15 days one big early, inside developing zone of economy of Jiangsu tall honest, priority discipline centers annual crab festival start working ceremony is punctual perform, many yuan 80 project centralizes go into operation in this day, garden of industry of medical treatment health opens garden formally in this day. project of the pollution inside the area total change gives, introduce to the project implement system of rigid environmental protection admittance, ever made Gao Chun’s economy grows mode to suffer doubt fully, and look nowadays to zoology environment stand fast to expanding a store for economic high quality with respect to green passageway. Long-term since, tall honest area abides by zoology to develop the rule from beginning to end, scrupulously abide by zoology preferential concept, lead the foudroyant position that is placed in economic society progress green, do one’s best has made the text of the water of the manage that treat hill, dew that show hill, drive index of zoology glamour and development energy each shining more brilliantly in the other’s company, environment and happy index interactive and hand-in-hand. In recent years, as ” the protection on the development on the dot, face ” strategic development is carried out, chinese report is built, the 500 strong companies of world such as car of German SAP-ZBER, Ford are entered be stationed in development, the whole world supplies catenary small town to open garden to greet a visitor, in the well-known company such as group of riverside of international of black force Ji Yada, gold, treasure dragon group joins in in succession, brought high end, intelligence, green to make reach ” zoology + ” , ” culture + ” , ” Internet + ” the rapid development that waits for condition of new industry new job, to economic society development was released tremendous ” butterfly change effect ” . A batch of mainland such as company of red sun group, Gong Baoli, tall contented company appear on the market enterprise, also burst forth a new growth vitality. It is intermediary with crab, the farmhouse happy owner that Gao Chunxi welcomes old village of slow city of guests from all over the world, stonewalling to surround a village people also began to busy to rise, they know, as crab section kick off, height of another passenger flow is coming. According to bureau of tourism of tall honest area relevant controller introduces, the crab section this year basically has 3 big distinguishing feature, it is administrative levels above all tall, they can be in Nanjing, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou to the brand of crab of solid city lake that and other places holds different form is recommended and enrol business activity early or late, forum of slow city Asia, characteristic is rural at the same time rustic height forum also will be held in October; It is dimensions next big, during crab section, on the foundation of marathon of original 10 thousand people, 10 thousand people still can be held between small mid-autumn long holiday gem gal section, at the appointed time everybody will to slow city can sample music of characteristic cate, appreciation, roam beautiful sea… it is the 3rd to have bright culture distinguishing feature, raise a tourist to be opposite of culture of tall honest folk-custom participate in feeling, during crab section, each scene areas in Gao Chun can perform lamp of big barn lantern, pony every weekend, jump the Gao Chun such as 5 Chang’s most classical folk-custom. This controller still tells a reporter, come for years, section of crab of solid city lake has made citizen, tourist had resonance to crab of solid city lake, slow to Gao Chun also city produced strong attributive sense, welcome everybody to walk into Gao Chun in this autumn: Come fork brook slow city admires cate beautiful scenery, participate in close child sky of bell of activity, sea wind audition bamboo, experience camps; To Gao Chun old street experiences the glamour of culture: Lane of old street book is literate there is ticket friend on salon, stage there is folk-custom on couplet friendship, square performance, graceful degree there is originality night fair in block; Go hill of boy far away from home savours tea culture, Confucianism ceremony of person of addition of path culture, ginseng; Into water of solid city lake slow city has crab, crab, pleasance to admire autumn; In tropics of fierce home mouth amorous feelings cereal experiences different mid-autumn amorous feelings.