Dispatch of dragon tiger net (new and high Xuan Liuya of reporter Yu Wei’s reporter Beijing) on March 8, drum-tower high new developed area and 6 add up to area of companionate garden of new and high area to build cooperative agreement autograph to make an appointment with a ceremony to be in 6 close division achieve a center to hold. Zhou Wenhai of floorwalker of bureau of Nanjing city science and technology, 6 combine a division appoint the relevant leader such as Wu Wei of warden of area of clerical Zhu Zhihong, drum-tower and sectional chief attend an activity. That day, drum-tower high new developed area and 6 add up to new and high area to sign companionate garden area formally to build cooperation agreement and the key worked 2019 memorandum. This the autograph indicates a bilateral and comprehensive innovation that start, industry, project and talent wait for the multinomial collaboration of the respect about, accelerate compose to propose innovation cooperative, industry cooperates with, development assist the working mechanism that enter, drive two high new developed area to form structure of benign and interactive development. This year, two high new developed area will be begun jointly drive cross area innovation to expand cooperation, establish an industry to expand investment fund, development activity of business of the abroad innovation resource, action outside holding churchyard and begin talent education to wait for 5 keys to work. “Drum-tower area and 6 advantages combining a division are complementary, believe area of garden of associate of two new and high areas build, will have river collaboration for two areas, drive embrace river innovation to open new phase. ” Wu Wei says, current, natural resources of drum-tower area land, carrier natural resources is very limited, district development is restricted by the space, can mix this 6 add up to new and high area to build companionate garden division, to drum-tower district future development is attached most importance to especially should. He hopes two garden area can produce respective advantage, the respect is shared to begin strong exploration and practice in innovation resource, talent resource, space resource, industry resource, convenience enterprise crosses area move, share science and technology to transform gain. Want industry of deep ploughing dominant, burgeoning industry, seek the accurate, union site that has used two areas property, in science and technology the respect that enrol business forms working resultant force, attract more, bigger, better project settle, promote the breakthrough that enrol business in order to give full cooperation. Want to wait for a respect to undertake bold exploration in collaboration of company move, industry, progressively exploration gives an interest to share, the innovation collaboration mode of mutual benefit win-win. Zhu Zhihong points out, advance companionate garden area to build since to fulfil the specific act of deploy of strategy of famous city of innovation of municipal government of municipal Party committee, also be the important grasper that advances development of high quality of new and high area. Rich collect of resource of drum-tower science and education, industrial basis is good, and 6 close have a space, have latent capacity, development the look of things is good, hope two new and high areas produce respective advantage, in high fixed position of the establishment in collaboration of companionate garden area, high end. It is to want to take advanced line in whole town, contend for the surveyor’s pole that area of partner with garden builds; 2 it is the principle that follows joint development, realize cooperative win-win; 3 be 6 add up to new and high area to want active butt joint, explore companionate garden area actively to develop pattern in coordination, make characteristic window. In addition, both sides should pass positive innovation, wu is begged obtain characteristic positive result, in reflecting the vitality with decision-making municipal government of municipal Party committee the specific practice that builds in companionate garden area truly.