Dispatch of net of tiger of meeting site dragon (reporter Long Chixuan) on Feburary 18, 6 add up to economic developing zone, Long Chi street hold pair of mark to look for get right on the job of poor, innovation to drive high quality development to drive mass rally. Conference development carries out city, area relevant conference spirit, summary developing zone and Long Chi are street 2018 look for difference to mark ” 3 argue an activity ” the inadequacy of obtained result and existence, further reason Qing Dynasty develops train of thought, contrast high quality expands a demand, drive each key job obtained substantial breakthrough 2019, strive for bigger as. The developing zone reachs cadre of leader of street collectivity party card, mechanism, cadre of middle-level of unit of developing zone directly under and street ginseng of secretary of each village house, director is met. Undertake to advanced collective and individual the conference communicated Zhang Jinghua of secretary of members of standing committee of provincial Party committee, municipal Party committee commending, area appoint clerical Zhu Zhihong seeks get right on the job of poor, innovation to mark in the urban district, drive high quality development to advance the speaking drive on congress. Commended garden area and street outstanding individual reachs 2018 year in ” 3 contend for ” the advanced collective that contribution makes in the activity and advanced individual. The developing zone is each branch and chief of directly under unit, street each village (community) secretary of general Party branch is handed over respectively ” book of responsibility of target of safe environmental protection ” ” worked 2019 target responsibility book ” ” clean-fingered take up a political career affirmatory book ” ” 2019 party conduct Lian Zhengjian, the developing zone provokes office of headquarters of the trade bureau, skilled personnel bureau, Economic Development Board, combination that tear open change, long Chi is street 6 units such as community of agricultural division, 4 willow around seek get right on the job of poor, innovation to mark, drove high quality to develop communication to make a speech. On the meeting, long Chi is street the party is versed in appoint summary of clerical Lu Jifeng worked last year, deploy this year the task, arouse garden area, street further study is style of advanced, change, true catch get right on the job, try to be the first to achieve actor, leave in a new year it is good bureau, good to rise pace. Lu Jifeng points out, in new mark of one wheel pair seeks poor job in, all round the Party Central Committee that street will close together solidarity is in Long Chi to be core with Comrade Xi Jinping, the tree is firm ” 4 consciousness ” , sturdy ” 4 each are believed ” , accomplish stoutly ” two are safeguarded ” , it is clear in focusing development direction, difficult to be overcome in assault fortified positions in dare to take on, power enhances in innovation get right on the job, with state of mind of high-spirited condition, struggling attitude, deal with concrete matters relating to work, seek get right on the job of poor, innovation to mark, firmly holds to receive the journey with new open of new challenge, do all one can new opportunity, actively. He emphasizes, 2019, entire market wants industry of with a view to to develop up and down, catch assemble around dominant industry, around development difference seeks a breakthrough, stress result around big project attract, promote economic integration actual strength further. Want to stress innovation of science and technology, advance deep ” two be born, one confluence ” the job, accelerate development of traditional business transition, accelerate division construction of the carrier that start garden, farther promotion transition upgrades speed. Want to optimize resource configuration, dig in-house latent capacity greatly, conformity puts quantity resource, accelerate the round off that tear open change to reach find a place for the room allocates, farther promotion element ensures ability. Want to perfect service government, begin essence of life to refine a service continuously, had used give aid to with sufficient policy, grip risk nods a platoon to check punish, promote environment of area under administration quality further. Want focusing countryside to revitalize, do do strong agriculture greatly, accelerate urban and rural construction, catch construction of very beautiful country, develop recreational travel agriculture to promote urban and rural function appearance further. Want to do real thing of good the people’s livelihood, promote masses happy index further. Insist to be with the person this, the people’s livelihood is actor, market of exert oneself conformity, government and social natural resources, advance with ” 7 have ” the construction of the people’s livelihood that attachs most importance to a dot, happiness and benefit of farther promotional the people’s livelihood. On the meeting, wang Donghui of street agency director carries out Long Chi implement conference spirit, cogent had caught current each job made a demand. It is ” close rise ” . Crew wants immediateness from ” Spring Festival mode ” in go, pace of follow closely superior, go up from the thought, on condition, act to be adjusted quickly ” working mode ” in come. 2 be ” dry rise ” . House of departmental door, village wants a foundation oneself is actual, contrast seriously plan of real issue of target of plan of job of target responsibility book, year, key, priority discipline, the people’s livelihood, make clear act of job of working train of thought, innovation, decompose each task refine person, time pouring a platoon to arrive month. 3 be ” severe rise ” . Rigid standard, essence of life follows fixed position, differ with searching to mark ” 3 contend for ” the activity is chance, aim tall surveyor’s pole, spare no effort again before travel, initiate new outstanding achievement.