Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Huang Zongling of reporter of article of reporter Xi Bo) secure job closes the national economy and the people’s livelihood, it is the department of institute of happiness and benefit with the mainest people. Since this year, 6 combine a division appoint politics and law appoint base oneself upon ” 3 catch ” , through responsibility of firm lead, squeezing ramming, prevent accuse the measure such as the risk, increase working strength further, advance continuously restful 6 combine construction work, the safe feeling that exalts numerous people in the round, satisfaction is spent. It is to stress byelaw study, the absolutely leader of sturdy party. On Feburary 19, 27 days, 6 combine a division appoint politics and law appoint begin twice early or late ” rules of work of Chinese Communist politics and law ” special subject study, it is a center with people, play takes the lead catch total, coordinate as a whole, supervise and direct fulfil wait for function action. Go up in conference of job of politics and law of whole on March 2 area, make clear further will ” byelaw ” as policemen of politics and law of whole this year area education grooms key, cogent fulfil the absolutely leader of the party to politics and law to work each respect whole process. 2 it is to catch crucial minority, squeezing ramming leads working responsibility. 6 combine a division appoint politics and law appoint basis ” 6 add up to an area to fulfil security of society to administer leader system of job responsibility integratedly to carry out detailed rules soundly ” , research makes branch, street press down put together of main leader cadre to study performance test way, change reseau the society processing, restful 6 add up to construction, law 6 add up to risk of construction, society to nod a platoon to check a canal to accuse, the letter visits performance, sweep black except evil administer with basic level society ” 3 contend for ” the key job such as the activity brings into year put together to treat performance assessment, treat gain archives to build important basis as put together, promote with cadre advance duty, commend, link up with of photograph of rewards and punishment. Capture put together to order a leader closely ” crucial minority ” fulfil leader responsibility, the responsibility that utmost drives branch, street to press down, measure and effect ” 3 fulfil ” . 3 it is to catch fountainhead precaution, prevent accuse to dissolve social venture. 6 combine a division appoint politics and law appoint insist to attemper every week the letter is visited circumstance and ” 3 visit change ” working mechanism, execute an area every month, street presses down analysis of dispute of contradiction of every half moon to grind sentence a system, be on guard dissolve significant risk job to bring into task of politics of job of whole area politics and law and key job, check big punish action and risk of basic level basis to nod a platoon to check a canal to accuse to be grasper with big, build ” system of quota of the early-warning of risk of stability of 6 societies combining a division that monitor ” , early-warning of case of package of monitoring of condition of real to risk of more than 60 society operation, leadership, bulletin and clear case sell order system, strengthen from fountainhead be on guard. In the meantime, mediation of sufficient play people, administration mediation and judicatory mediate function department action, form contradictory diversity to understand a mechanism. Build diversity of dispute of contradiction of department of perfect street town, office to see the job special assessment system, assessment brings into whole area put together to study restful construction performance as a result.