Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Zheng Chen’s reporter) on Feburary 18, city of 6 hero combining a division is street hold pair of mark to look for poor try to be the first to achieve development of actor high quality to advance meeting, carry out deep fulfil development of urban high quality to advance conference drive, arouse entire market fluctuates around year fixed target assignment, with ” bureau it is decisive battle, start to be pricked with respect to communications center ” psychosis, be opposite to mark in the round watch, exert oneself deepens pair of mark to look for difference ” 3 contend for ” activity, do all one can drives male city high quality to develop front row. Leader of secondary division class, male city is street the party is versed in appoint all the leader of street collectivity party card such as clerical Xie Qingsen, mechanism cadre, village (community) chief of unit of secretary and director, directly under, double-barreled unit chief and administrative division of 2018 year hero are street and advanced collective, advanced. Go one year, city of 6 hero combining a division is street and determined according to the area appoint put forward to contend for do ” 4 surveyor’s pole ” requirement, carry out deep fulfil city, area to drive high quality development to advance congress drive, differ with searching to mark ” 3 contend for ” the activity is grasper, aggrandizement advocate the city takes on, promotion first place is spent, contend for when new surveyor’s pole, what go in order to create high quality development in whole area front row hard is excellent achievement, had the honor to win environs region market to press down high quality to expand development award early or late, the area assesses the first grade integratedly, contend for achieve brand and contend for make contribution the multinomial honorary title such as advanced unit, for construction ” Jiang Fumei is tall ” new 6 collaboration give larger contribution. Xie Qingsen expresses, one new year, the new journey that promotes high quality development has pulled open heavy curtain in the round however, entire market should be adjusted quickly up and down restore order condition, quickly, with the sense of responsibility of not the sense of urgency of seize every minute, negative people’s expectations, scratch good key year, fight bravely crucial year, form a try to be the first to achieve the grumous atmosphere of actor in the round, for male city promotion first place is spent, contend for when new surveyor’s pole, drive high quality to develop front row to lay solid foundation. Xie Qingsen emphasizes, the working target 2019, in male city had undertaken decomposing between schedule of street winter model, entire market each unit, departmental door wants to accomplish: It is to make new window of a batch of jobs matter close around in the center of, province urban district and street party are versed in appoint, the each job deploy of agency, active check the number is entered, study specific act deep, look for standard work to break through a dot, responsibility of layer upon layer squeezing ramming, catch after all, stress a result, strive to make new window of a batch of jobs. 2 it is to drive each job to fall to real point to want to dare to innovate, do away with the be swayed by considerations of gain and loss on the overcautious and indecisive on the thought, job in the round, carry on ceaselessly ” feeling stone to cross a river ” spirit, exert oneself solves a batch of outstanding contradiction that restrict development and problem, hard the new scope of operation that open up gives a progress, should strengthen actively communicate, strive for support, form integral resultant force, drive each job effectively to fall to real point. 3 it is to model a more high-quality goods to want to establish high level hard, do away with line thick pull, big and change habit, with ” bagatelle is done fine, delicate thing is done fully ” manner, fine carve of carve of essence of life works each times, model a more high-quality goods hard, do not forget act vigorously of heart, encourage is entered first, look for poor, try to be the first to achieve actor to mark, accelerate development of male city high quality to make due contribution for do all one can. Zhou Zhengdong of street agency director is in male city the requirement on the meeting: Should deepen pair of mark to catch fulfil. Departmental door should be opposite each unit to be mixed according to development surveyor’s pole seriously pursuant object, ensure of every the carry of try to be the first with every branch, unit contend for the member that start brand, everyone contend for make contribution, to finish annual satisfactorily task of each project bid provides firm safeguard; 2 should carry brace up spirit is caught fulfil. Drive the first place to spend promotion with all one’s strength, contend for the integrated surveyor’s pole that becomes whole area, consciousness of ceaseless aggrandizement try to be the first, ensure each development index has each new carry, job to have new promotion; 3 should make actively fulfil to catch. Want to aim at target assault fortified positions, develop system of the evaluation that monitor and year assessment quota around high quality closely, strive each job goes advanced in whole area, sharp edge of in the van. 4 want change style to catch fulfil. Each unit, departmental door wants firm establish ” again late today also be early, again early tomorrow also be late ” concept, fast rhythm, great strength, high level has caught each job to fulfil. Hand over a party to propose meeting of working responsibility book street to acquiring 2018 year male administrative division advanced collective, advanced individual and 2018 year ” build new male administrative division to dedicate award ” the enterprise undertook praising. Each are street each village (community) clerical Xiang Xieshu is written down handed over a party to build working responsibility book. Finally, a respectful form of address for a Taoist priest of male city market just does, 4 units undertook village of battalion of tiger of community of construction management service center, phoenix, dragon make a speech. What high quality developed 2019 is prelusive had pulled open, in the area appoint, district government and street party are versed in appoint below strong leadership, city of 6 hero combining a division is street should carry further brace up it is energy spirit look, good to hammer into shape style, show new as, go with struggling carry out mission, achieve actor with try to be the first of get right on the job, develop outstanding achievement to receive new China to hold water 70 years with high quality truly!