Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Xiaochao of reporter Yu Wei’s reporter) to celebrate joyously festival of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, the Jieqingwen of rich masses spends the life, on Feburary 17, the first month of the lunar year of the traditional Chinese calendar 13, “The 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day of folk-custom culture congratulate ” literary exhibit act to be held ceremoniously in square of center of 6 citizens combining a division, the activity invited left different an ensemble of Chinese wind and percussion instruments to have special performance show, the folk-custom performance group that comes from 9 streets such as town of male city, saddle, Long Chi, bamboo to press down had lamp of dragon of waist drum, beautiful boat, dance, stilt, dominoes, farmer the folk-custom performance such as picture, dragon lantern, let citizen big feast one’s eyes on, breathe out greatly satisfy a craving. As we have learned, this large folk-custom culture is exhibited perform an activity, by the area appoint propagandist department, Ou Wenan bureau, business affairs bureau, tourism bureau, new city does, each street town is sponsorred, library of area culture house, area, each street presses down style service center to undertake. Mobile spot differentiates folk-custom culture is exhibited perform area, cate to reveal area, travel to recommend an area 3 large area, among them folk-custom culture is exhibited performing an area is ” grand opera ” , show of drama of not only raise and leave different versified story sung to the accompaniment of a small drum and other instruments to perform, still the folk-custom that comes from 9 streets town performs a team to be taken out in succession ” special competence ” . See only, yellow outfit of head of a lion, a suit, do not need much person to cooperate painfully, the hand between Tan Xiao flutters up and down, dance of lion of bamboo town hand becomes silent old hind once more ” renascence ” coruscate glorious; A boring, dingdong makes sound, make fun of the Hu Shengwei that get a tiger, this is the flying boring performance of crossbeam Huang Zhong, also be ” Xin Jin ” Nanjing city class is not project of involuntary discharge of urine; The dress of brave man of tens of mountain of bridge of dress of renown lamp hand, choosing one side is the dominoes lamp that dominoes one side is calligraphy and painting, ceaseless commutation lineup falls in the direct of your banner, be not project of involuntary discharge of urine as class of old brand city, the dominoes lamp of imperial robe lets a person shine at the moment… ferial ground of true true be sure to comes li of program that sees in the ability on TV or arena to the side of common people, a series of this culture activities view and admire gender, interactive sex, participate in a gender strong. “Ca of Ka Ca Ka ” blinked mobile phone or camera film, let each square teams earn sufficient the person is angry. “So extensive show sees inaccessibly, full-court High arrives explode! ” ” the red-letter day that this ability resembles ourselves… ” audience people admire to the top of one’s bent, exhibit the communication as one falls that act to folk-custom culture. Eat to one’s heart’s contently to let a citizen, play happily, cate reveals area and travel to recommend an area to be begun ahead of schedule at 16 days. Mobile spot, cate reveals area person to enrage quite flourishing, goose of chest of pig head flesh, ox, brine, vivid bead ” 6 combine taste ” all has. The citizen that chooses cate was swarmed before every stall, some eat in the spot, still do not forget incidentally comes home a few boxes to sample to relatives and friends. Travel recommends an area is to exhibit a shop sign bristly, a piece of Zhang Meitu, one Duan Duanwen word, revealed to the citizen 6 close each humanitarian old practice of big tourist attraction. Literary youths still can be here, naughty naughty civil start a product. Let groups of big edge eat, the edge rambles, the edge plays, not only the joy that feels happy festival time of the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day, also experience the 6 fervor that join people optimistic.