Dispatch of net of tiger of dragon of A of dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Zhou Bo’s reporter) on April 1, 6 combine a division ” educational service community goes ” advisory meeting is in opening ceremony and policy of recruit students of 6 nursery school combining a division cent school holds Long Hu of Jin Ling middle school, area appoint education is versed in appoint Gong Zongren of deputy director general of bureau of education of clerical Xu Yingxin, area entered an activity. In the activity, section of children education of bureau of education of member of advisory group of educational service policy, area is relevant the policy such as limits of the recruit students target that chief involves with respect to job of recruit students of 6 nursery school combining a division, recruit students, method signing up, recruit students management refers to read and answer doubt. 6 innovation combining a division were developed this year ” system of recruit students of 6 nursery school combining a division signing up ” , behavior of recruit students of farther normative nursery school, process of normative recruit students manages, spot of instructor round member with respect to this system use undertook demonstrating, help parent is familiar with system signing up. Advocate 24 nursery school grow the city zone field the one by one of the problem that enter garden that reachs chief to also care most in the light of the parent in mobile spot answers doubt dispels doubts. As we have learned, this policy of nursery school recruit students seeks advice can be bureau of 6 education combining a division ” 6 add up to education to serve community to go ” first activity of commonweal schoolroom. Roll out in early days ” rustic flow classroom ” wide suffer reputably, on the basis that forms certain brand in whole town, in the light of 6 close to be mixed actually village dweller demand, combinative education is real, area education bureau decides to face whole area broad community dweller is begun ” educational service community goes ” commonweal schoolroom activity, bureau mechanism cadre and broad teacher are close 100 people were established with volunteer identity ” 6 add up to a family to teach service community to go ” , ” Hui Min of 6 companies closing office serves community to go ” , ” 6 add up to education to seek advice from service community to go ” 3 instructor are round, with the form of commonweal schoolroom the fixed dweller that it is a village provides the service that teachs a respect, offer the educational product of cogent demand effectively for people, in letting people serve in education cogent and promotional acquire feeling and happy move, also raise people to be spent to educational satisfaction at the same time, do the education of good people satisfaction truly.