Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Li Ming of reporter Liu Wei’s reporter) since this year, 6 duty adding up to the ground promote duty to be with science and technology oriented, have the aid of ” Internet + science and technology ” force, robot of intelligence of the implementation inside limits of rate preexistence whole town is entered be stationed in office of service doing tax, bring intelligence of brand-new science and technology to turn experience doing tax for taxpayer. “Duty does to serve the help that this small robot got when the hall conducts business in 6 duty adding up to the ground before, come now duty handles the nation business, saw this small robot again, what the times develops is rapid, do not chase after quickly went up. ” one often comes land tax handles the nation the company treasurer of business plaints. It is reported, bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground carries a state the means that land tax cooperates, intelligent robot ” Shui Xiaoyi ” from land tax hall doing tax extends a state duty does duty hall, the line on synchronism of duty of run by the local people, synchronism of business of safeguard land tax enters hall of the duty that be stationed in a country, business of tax of stimulative state land is dealt with more efficient, opener. Tax of land of state of incorporation of bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground is relevant business, development intelligence robot is potential function, unscramble from the policy previously, on the card of the CA that get, foundation that cancels the function such as application, drawback application, continue to develop relevant function, had realized associated policy to unscramble at present, heat interlocution, real name does duty to register wait for multinomial function, offer for taxpayer more efficient and convenient open intelligence serves. Besides intelligent robot, 6 duty adding up to the ground do duty to served the hall to still deploy the APP on self-help terminal unit, palm, self-help to do tax division to print the multinomial function such as the area, the self-help that satisfies taxpayer ceaselessly is changed, convenient change, demand of individuation doing tax, opened self-help to do the new channel of duty, pay taxes serves by ” baby-sitter type ” change direction ceaselessly ” self-help type ” .