Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Li Ming of reporter Huang Sai’s reporter) bureau of 6 tax adding up to the ground is superintended from taxpayer information, face of tripartite of service of revenue business flow, conduct propaganda doing tax begins, run revenue acceleration, let each taxpayer can enjoy reform bonus in time, optimize environment of taxation battalion business with real operation. It is to superintend heavy rigor. 6 duty adding up to the ground with ” severe ” hurried ” canal ” , in credit assess respect, systematic check was not declared, the record that owe tax, chase door check, differentiate strictly company credit grade, prohibit disloyal grade. The side runs in the risk, 6 duty adding up to the ground are optimized actively adjust moderate risk to answer a system, reasonable allocate a risk to answer force, catch management of risk of item of good focal point to fulfil, in the meantime, big to having inside area under administration the natural person that owes tax, together door of the Ministry of Public Security is released ” the edge controls object advice note ” , restrict action of its discrepancy condition. In the country land tax cooperates respect, implement bilateral collaboration standard strictly, both sides is discharged together examine the information inside area under administration not perfect, do not match taxpayer, contrast is checked, apply cross area coordination system, build taxation to break one’s promise cognizance blacklist, bilateral linkage, join forces is superintended. 2 it is business hurried is optimized. 6 duty adding up to the ground with ” decrease ” aid ” put ” , in examine and approve a respect, trade in the light of estate actual condition decreases handle affairs the window, make joint-stock source actively, form one window to accept, the automation line that paralell connection examines and approve. In data side, do his utmost to avoid to repeat proof, loop proof, be aimed at the taxpayer that in the country duty registers without duty Wu, 6 duty adding up to the ground are cancelled the state reduces in the process duty issue cancel proof material, taxpayer needs to write a circumstance to explain only, eliminate do not accord with concrete proof to issue. In program respect, carry out city bureau strictly to ask, simplify administration is simple and easy condemnatory flow, carry out enterprise taxpayer library of the duty of the self-help on the net that print is silver-colored ” all directions agreement ” , deal with, all directions autograph is made an appointment with. 3 it is accept takes innovation tall. 6 duty adding up to the ground with ” actor ” carry ” take ” , handling duty guiding side, suit the remedy to the case, begin individuation, science and technology to change one-stop service, dog after all, ask effect in time. The respect is publicized in policy, combine newest and favourable policy to offer come to serve, build duty look forward to to communicate platform, transcribe ” land tax straight have transport service ” column, assure taxpayer understand favourable bonus for a short while. The respect is optimized in the team, active organization personnel participates cadre school ” course of imitate of scene of pay taxes service ” , impart into go by check seriously, learn with practice hurried, accomplish let each taxpayer be experienced ” ” same warmth.