Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhao Yuanlong of reporter Zhu Chengchao) on April 23, the construction of style of work of whole system office that holding and look for difference to mark ” 3 contend for ” thematic activity is advanced on the meeting, the supervisor of 10 travel wind that Xiang Xinpin of bureau of canal of 6 cities combining a division asks awards contract, lieutenancy 3 years. This day rises, supervisor of 10 travel wind goes to take up office, they are about to develop respective function, aggrandizement is in charge of what the branch makes faddish wind to supervise to the city, government of farther stimulative city each job is efficient begin. Chief of bureau of canal of 6 cities combining a division states style construction is the important performance that shows a city to provide systematic figure, area city is in charge of a system to want construction of active aggrandizement style, promote the job efficiency. On the meeting, director Ma Xiaofei builds understanding from travel wind, put in the problem, reach the respect such as next plans to provide systematic mechanism way for the city, travel wind construction made a speech. The result that he obtains one year from in the past, beat back blizzard, mechanism efficiency is built, leader cadre management and team construction and working goal assignment achieve the value that waits for construction of wind of style of 5 square interview, travel! Then from feeling thin, legal consciousness is thin, constituent discipline is inattentive, professional skill is defective, the problem of 5 respects talks about sex of initiative, enthusiasm, innovation systematic office style of work and the necessity that travel wind builds. Finally around assignment of global annual goal, around ” look for poor ” to mark 3 argue ” theme activity ” requirement, direct around the problem, build Zhang Li to make, from severe, from fine, from solid, cogent enhance strength of nucleus of delve of superintend and director, praise develop simultaneously with chasten, buckle goal assignment closely, groom study fall to real point, advance effectively ” 3 contend for ” thematic activity obtains actual effect, finish good annual city to manage working job with all one’s strength. On the meeting that day, branch of each office function returns bureau of canal of 6 cities combining a division to be versed in to bureau party appoint handed over party conduct Lian Zhengjian to set responsibility to book, society is administered integratedly and build working responsibility book in safety, execute the law division of group, environmental sanitation, superintend and director investigates and deal with sb and individual delegate undertook making known his position to make a speech, area discipline accreditation is stationed in group of the 7th go on a tour of inspection relevant controller still made a speech.