Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Yang Hui’s reporter) carry out a party for development study 19 mix greatly provincial Party committee 13 3 plenary meeting, municipal Party committee 14 5 plenary meeting, areas appoint spirit of 4 5 plenary meeting, strengthen a city to manage the construction of systematic party in the round, cogent the creativity that enhances a city to provide systematic party, cohesive affinity, fighting capacity, work of canal of city of union of bureau of canal of 6 cities combining a division is real, active organization basic level each branch, in January 2018 the last ten-day of a month arrives the middle ten days of a month began model of winter of Party member cadre to center study to teach an activity in March, use a variety of forms such as special subject education, condolatory service, literary joint performance, among them, the Party member that join model 104, the rate that join model is amounted to 81% . Held job of systematic winter model to arouse in January meeting, model of winter of cadre of Party member of whole area grass-roots unit was communicated to work on the meeting relevant file spirit, requirement each branch key around 19 reach series greatly serious talk spirit, combinative oneself work is real, groom clearly content and plan arrangement, lead systematic Party member learning to understand, comprehend, make solid fluctuation time, mix the thought understanding is cogent and unified the 19 great mind to the party and province, city, area appoint plenary meeting spirit comes up. Fulfilled special subject democratic life to be able to work with democrat appraise sth through discussion seriously in Feburary, party branch of leading group, basic level held democratic life to meet respectively, hold to the requirement from Yan Congshi, apply ” criticism and self-criticism ” this one a magic weapon, advise of straight-out speak bluntly, each other, achieve the goal that perfect, ego raises ego. Appraise sth through discussion of the comprehensive in March democrat that finish works, the system shares a Party member 129 (contain office branch) , participate in Party member of appraise sth through discussion 114 people, eventuate of appraise sth through discussion is outstanding 17 people, eligible 97 people. Advanced grass-roots unit strongly cadre of broad Party member promotes a thought state and academic culture ceaselessly, enhanced connection to serve the consciousness of masses, decorous attitude of attending to guests, improved a service means, enhanced service ability, established service city to provide new form with good way.