Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhang Shan of reporter Yang Hui’s reporter) to improve a system quality of politics of thought of cadre of Party member of broad basic level and science expand capability, the travel that do carry out the arms of the person at the head of a procession of socialistic core viewpoint of value, person that set an example is main goal, it is important to guide Party member development to learn the plenary meeting spirit that implements a party and series of secretary-general of be used to speaking spirit, work of canal of city of base oneself upon of bureau of canal of 6 cities combining a division is real, combine plan of activity of model of Party member winter, with the city tubal Cultural Festival and Spring Festival visit condolatory side to help up wait for a form, promote the side that help deficient up actively to be in charge of culture career tiredly to build photograph tie with the city, with theme of model of Party member winter education is united in wedlock. Take the lead by the leading group, worker of difficult to the system worker, a gleam of is begun ” the Spring Festival is visited condolatory ” activity; It is important time node in order to learn burl of day of thunder sharp edge, establish, begin series rubbish to classify volunteer service activity; Continue to advance ” the city is in charge of culture year ” construction, begin area city to be in charge of systematic gam literary joint performance; Establish commando of Party member of the prevent frostbite that sweep snow, strong organization sweeps job of snow prevent frostbite; Open ” the city is in charge of classroom ” , constituent law knowledge grooms, promotion executes the law scientificly consciousness, cogent aggrandizement party is municipal treat culture to build. In the meantime, make full use of the city provides the information platform such as small Bo Weixin, strengthen the conduct propaganda that works to model of Party member winter, advanced grass-roots unit strongly cadre of broad Party member promotes a thought state and academic culture ceaselessly, enhanced connection to serve the consciousness of masses, decorous attitude of attending to guests, improved a service means, enhanced service ability, established service city to provide new form with good way.