Original titl南京男士养生spa会所e: Build u南京免费兼职女论坛p at first! 100 years old of Nanjing guard battle veteran comrade-in-arms of the hold a memorial ceremony for that spill wine A3 edition: Heavy pound the brigade   war of resistance against aggression from the 1939 wars that spend to a 2019 is veteran Sun Xilin requital, spill wine, comrade-in-arms of hold a memorial ceremony for and die in an accident person   comes in day of public memorial ceremony of the 6th country overnight, an activity of official hold a memorial ceremony for that confronted each other 12 years is held in relics of fort of Nanjing glorious door. Come to the spot have 2 war of resistance against aggression veteran the person that kiss all previous wit2019南京场子开门了吗h massacre of a Nanjing. Small candlestick is placed into ” 1937 ” with ” war ” model of written characters, nanjing 1213 freewill person affined freewill person people with war of resistance against aggression veteran all the way, the martyr that tenacious counteractive Japanese army encroachs hold a memorial ceremony for 82 years ago and sacrifices. Asperse comrade-in-arms of wine hold a memorial ceremony for! 100 years old of Nanjing guard battle   of   of battlefield of door of veteran regain glorious ” thank you, gave life for our fort! ” this year Sun Xilin of 100 years old, it is Nanjing only one by one the Nanjing of be still living and in good health guards battle veteran. In freewill person 南京现在有活的场子give aid to below, his hand hold a bundle of chrysanthemum, walk along fort relics slowly by, frequency of buccal intermed南京带大活的好场子iate frequency is speaking haltingly ” acknowledgment ” . The yellow rice or millet wine in the hand is aspersed on the blue bricks with fort mottled relics, the think over that Sun Xilin light tone is telling pair of battle companions, be ashamed and do not abandon, display for them on chrysanthemum. “We ought not to go, I ought to be in with your sacrifice all the way. ”   Sun Xilin tells contemporary wall bulletin the reporter, before Nanjing of Japanese army intrude into, he is an engineer, intervene build project of fastness of way of country of Nanjing riches and honour. This project can lead to Zhij江宁洗浴休闲会所inshan secondhand, with the armament of goods and materials that needs at laying in a war, make provision for abiding war of resistance against aggression. Because the war needs, intervene the worker 南京桑拿休闲会所that builds fastness project amounts to 559 people in those days, sun Xilin is in charge of fort build. Occupy Sun Xilin南京桑拿会所一条龙 to recollect, that nowadays level issued order, let engineer be removed first. On December 9 early morning, day bandit inbreaks, nanjing a南京彩霞街kb几号好 country is annexed, their one pedestrian departure closes below tantivy 南京娱乐场所最新消息开了吗of hill of riches and honour, scoop 南京高端桑拿up in those days river door gate has blocked, side door possesses a refugee of tens of thousands of and a shell person. Zhongshan dock already suspend air or shipping service counts day, the more than 10000 people of the refugee and army stop in the bank, frequency mows by day aircraft high altitude, casualty countless. 10 days of dewfall, their group person is nice did not go up easily a ferry, be in the 3rd day when arrive at riverside mouth, the person that Japan is encroached started very cruel Nanjing massacre. The war of resistance against aggression that installs specially to come from the Huaihe River is veteran Shao Ti is the commem南京有哪些性价比高的场子orative activity that adds relics of glorious door fort the 4th. Stand before relics, he doffs next hats, bowed 3 deeply. “I and my father南京按摩上门服务 is Chinese expedition army. The Nanjing that father is in those days collects the teacher of language middle school, the sacrifice in strong war is vacated in recover later. We will be here tomorrow cannot be to grieve over the die in an accident that Nanjing guards battle officerses and men, also be the officers and soldiers that commemorates everything to sacrifice in war of resistance against aggression. ”   builds up at first! One ground candle power goes all out piece ” war ” discove南京福建路喜城2019ry of reporter of contemporary wall bulletin of 2 words   , difference at in former years, the one ground candle power this year not only placed ” 1937 ” model of written characters, still have ” war ” 2 words. “As a result of war of resistance against aggression veteran age is older and older, this can be us original invite is veteran will add activity of such hold a memorial ceremony for. Their build up at first, I hope the theme is a war. ” Nanjing 1213 freewill person article heart tells affined controller reporter of contemporary wall bulletin. Liang Xin shedding is Mei Shoulan of Nanjing massacre survival half child, he also is displayed for martyr in the spot on chrysanthemum. “As the forefathers of survival, I want to say to thank to them! They already wrestle life guards this city, we will be permanent yearn for them. ”   glorious door is the Japanese army inbreaks the battle when Nanjing the one place battlefield with the most acuteness, the biggest casualties. On December 10, 1937, chinese army and南京紫峰一号会所咋样 Japanese Invading Army spread out struggle hard here, of the battle of door of indirect intervening glorious have 4 checks with body die for one’s country.