Dispatch of dragon tiger net on March 31 morning, 6 add up to culture travel section to kick off, roll out 6 add up to product of travel of macrocosm of map of travel hand draw, spring, countryside to travel circuitry of direct car high-quality goods lets a person shine at the moment. That day, 6 add up to wisdom travel system to be released formally also on line. The reporter understands, this 6 close culture travel red-letter day advocate dozen admire face cards. 6 add up to peach blossom island to have more than mus of 13 thousand high grade peach blossom, the first ten days of a month in April will be entered fill florescence, here uprise is seen scene, the beautiful sea of pink all stops eye ground, with big spring lake, stop fir of Ma Ling pool forest set each other off becomes an interest. Besides the peach blossom that bamboo presses down, chinese flowering crabapple of colour of smelt metal Shan Feng spends the sea, cereal of oriental cherry of park of smooth hill forest, in Feburary Lan Ji ground, the educated youth of imperial robe spends design of imperial robe of cropland and oily cauliflower, oily cauliflower of Ba Buluo, daisy spends the sea, saddle Xin dark the rose sea that Nong Gengwen changes garden, dragon Chi Sukang gives birth to the peony of voice garden to spend the sea, it is advocate hit ” beautiful sea ” theme. On the opening ceremony of this second activity, 6 add up to circuitry of straight have transport service of travel beauty country to announce to open operation formally. The line that issues this has 3, it is line of northeast landscape geology respectively, northwest zoology is recreational line, south America feeds culture clue east, circuitry of high-quality goods of travel of these 3 macrocosm, include traditional rustic travel resource not only, the travel resource such as the geology that still 6 combine distinguishing feature, gules, cate, folk-custom. The frequency that send a car second provisional for Zhou Er, Zhou Si, Saturday, the place that send a car is Nanjing east station, south the station. Henceforth, nanjing citizen is OK more convenient head for 6 add up to rustic amuse oneself. (Li Dou of reporter Zhang Xiaochao’s reporter)