Original title: 14 thousand yuan of l南京国际高端桑拿会所uxury that the woman just bought wrap Bao Jing by ” male boudoir is sweet ” the Wang Mi that graf南京spa丝足t o玩一个商务模特多少钱ne twig on another sells off Nanjing drum-tower area this a 14 thousand yuan luxury was bought to wrap at the beginning of November, unexpectedly to discovered the bag is changed on November 29 counterfeit. On D南京kb场子推荐ecember 4, police arr全国龙凤信息论坛ests distrustful person, it is her male friend unexpectedly, now, this person is detained by criminal. That day, wang Mi this carrying a bag on the bac南京外围高端会所k to go out hair is existing and unusual, the bag hardware that the flower buys 14 thousan南京现在有活的场子d yuan become light, chain becomes coarse, coriaceous harder also, and the bill that is put in bag lining disappeared. She thought of doubt somebody to change her package secretly, call the police instantly consequently beg is aided. When the policeman enquires detail, wang Mi this also puzzle, this package passes him without departure nearly, connecting a morning to sleep is put on ark of the head of a bed. Before be being recollected, she e南京伴游价格ver went out for a long time, did not carry a bag that. Monitoring of corridor of her procuratorial work, that evening much at 10 o’clock bell, one wears the door that the cap and guaze mask, man that taking calico bag turned南京哪些场子带全套2019 over her. After 5 minutes, this person was carrying calico bag to come out 南京哪个spa可以做大活again南京保健按摩招聘网. According to gait, she identifies him is him ” male boudoir is sweet ” Zhang Mou. On December 4, policeman of Hunan district police station will南京保健按摩私人会所 suspect person Zhang Mou to seize. Classics adjudgement, the crime that Zhang Mou hands over him very quickly after all. Once, wang Mi this malty, zhang Mou sends the password that lock of her door password remembered secretly when she comes home. Zhang Mou is informed Wang Mi this bought a luxury to wrap, produced the opinion that on the net the bag that buy a holiday stops to replace, he spent 180 yuan to purchase the fake that be the same as a paragraph on the net, slip into the graft one twig on another in her home successfully. He prepares ori南京高端模特外卖ginally calculate this fund true bundle to send a girlfriend, but procurable hate to part with again later, sell with 4000 yuan pric梧桐客栈 南京 spae. Now, zhang Mou is suspected of pilfer blame by 南京3毛左右的场子lawfully criminal is detained.