Original title: 南京2019扫黄结束了吗The favour old person that appreciates a policeman to save ran 3 times alarm Wu station begs what group photo   requests group photo with star to see much, had with what the policeman requests group photo you seen not? The morning iqm什么意思南京桑拿论坛s much at 6 o’clock on November 12, new place of business of 济南浅深998按摩内容substation of Xuan Wu of Nanjing city public security bureau alarm Wu job handles affairs the station is received call the police all the way phone, call the police person stone old division commander says him not cautious falls into inspection shaft. The well is in 2 meters or so greatly, he himself does not climb, can call the police only beg is aided. Receive alarm hind, policeman Hu Wenbo is being taken especially dilige南京会所外卖微信nt the place that Zhu Shounian finds old person picture, but looked for cir南京彩霞街吹箫哪个好cuit,also did not find him. “Stone teacher is long all the way the place name that the head says differs a pool, ask him later all around built feature, according to clew, we fin南京著名fj场所d him very quickly, gist used 10 minutes. ” allow first according to Hu Libo, when they arrive, stone teacher grows to taking his wool hat, endeavor the brandish outside face mtl pithead. Very fast, the old person was pulled from the well. The left crus that sees an old person南京夜网梧桐 has some of haemorrhage, hear him to say wind rib aches again, the policem江宁大学城学妹介绍an was dialed instantly 120, the南京2000左右的场子 family that contacts an old person comes round. Classics inquiry, stone old division commander is a retired teacher南京spa推荐, this year开封三大街按摩店 73 years old. Accident that evening, he photographs with the mobile phone in road taking a walk, did not think of the inspection shaft that manages lawn center did not build top, the old person did not leave a heart to be dropped. After the event, policeman observation is informed, here inspection shaft is the blowdown well that the subway stan南京桑拿会所一条龙ds, construction employee forgot the lid that cover a well after examination maintenance. Via diagnosing, the old person has some of abrade besides left crus outside, other position does not have the figure to hinder greatl南京会所排名y. Through the recuperate of half many month, stone 南京沁水宫最新交流吧old division commander is hurt after all more. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, after rehabilitation, stone old division commander ha南京状元楼3楼桑拿体验s all along ” the heart writtens guarantee ” , he wants to find the people’s police that saves his. To comprehend this heart knot, the old person is the whole thing ran 3 times alarm Wu stands. It is to ask the policeman’s full name for the first time, it is the 2nd to serve one side ” appreciate saved grace ” silk banner. The 3rd, namely on December 6 afternoon, stone old division commander comes again alarm Wu stands, want to find policeman Hu Wenbo to request group photo. Hu Wenbo agreed efficient and ably, the Great Master is laughing at group photo souvenir all the way.