Original title: The net makes an appointment with car driver sudden death, park the car in safety before wreck firm accident scene, liu Tudi falls in the citizen on the seat to offer a plan much at 8 o’clock on December 11 morning, be in Nanjing city village of garden of pool of 6 dragon combining a division all around, a drop drop driver dash for南京QM社区ward feeling is unwell, the passenger helps his call the police, but 120 when arriving, driver already cannot, send a hospital not a few hind announce ruined. 11 days afternoon, reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended from its family place, the Liu Tudi of wreck runs drop drop still is less than half an year, rest lesser usually, nature Nature’s engineering makes moment be in according to saying 14 hours left and right sides. The driver stops firm car to let a passenger get off reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, working happening is in part of door of north of village of dragon pool garden, receive after calling the po南京洗浴全套200左右lice, 110, 120 drive toward the spot adroitly. Say according to an eyewitness, the spot is parking the car of a champagne in those days, the driver lies on seat, wearing the cotton-padded clothes of a blue, mouth is small piece, the person is motionless. See year of number, the driver ought to have 50 many years old. A wireless earphone still blocks the right side in him in. The car stops so that still have 9 meters interval from road tooth, show be in an emergency the double flashlight of condition still is in ” Da Da ” the ground is jumpy Shan Zhuo. Allow first according to the male passenger that call the police, he hit a drop to go that day district government plays, take this car. Soon removed target ground is not far, the driver experiences poor Chi Jin suddenly it seems that. “He tel南京兴荣足疗吧ls me, oneself are uncomfortable, wind is a bit provoking. ” subs南京浅深有什么项目equently, the driver parked the car roadside, in press double after showing pushbutton, the driver is crooked was in on the seat. Shake, this passenger signed up for rapidly alarm. “Did not think of to be able to produce this kind of situation really! ” be faced with coming policeman, male passenger suggestion is regretful very, to the driver’s first park place, he thinks, this can see the old driver that is an accountability heart. 110, the 120 discovery after arriving driver already cannot. Subsequently, he is in an emergency to send toward courtyard of 6 traditional Chinese medical sciences combining a division, sending a hospital not a few be announced do not treat die. Family sadness ” his nature Nature’s engineering makes 934 hours ” reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, the younger brother of Liutu of drop drop driver of wreck is person of collect of 6 horses combining a division. 11 days afternoon, the reporter comes to village of equestrian collect 浅深采耳可以啪吗yellow hillock, liu Tudi’s home is here. According to comprehending, he was born 1963, this year 56 years old. Fierce dispatch is transmitted, family, kin take-overs hard, as a result of too suddenly, liu Tudi leaves even even in addition the word did not stay to family. “Another person is quite clever, very can much tool, can saying is all-round. ” according to a unit of length of father’s younger brother Zhang Wenzhong is allowed first, this brother’s son half child had left to build car store, electric welding has been burned in building site, car of broken bits earth still has driven a few years ago. Liu Tudi still has learned grab of a paragraph of moment with the son. Before opening a drop, he has been in half child the industry that a paragraph of time has helped in Lin Zhong’s restaurant. Nothing more than he南京家庭spa论坛 is not willing to mix time in the restaurant, confront each other go renting a company to rent a car, signed pact, become a drop drop driver. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, half an year 南京会所排名 南京桑拿会所一条龙of this treaty by a definite date, stop now, liu Tudi opens a drop about 5 months. “I had persuaded him, the age is old, do not go racing bike. ” wife brother of Liu Tudi says, after all many years old 50, give evening early to put in racing bike ‘s charge, still bearing mental pressure, not quite worth while. Can be to help two children that had gotten married reduce a burden, also can be for consider of him in the future, liu Tudi confronts each other want racing bike. According to comprehending, home Liu Tudi has been asked for in Ma Ji’s domain change, achieved response social security. This one does not calculate too much safeguard to should pay at first in his ability after 60 one full year of life. Since ran to drip drop henceforth, kin people when following Liu Tudi meet and discuss little, “We also understand, his car every day hire 100 yuan. Other, drop drop accepts the order to also do not become can complete discipline, knock off of provision of accidental celestial bodies, come again one sheet, sure want to run, run to fixed singular number to still can have commend besides. ” the son that occupies Liu Tudi is allowed first, 11 days of mornings, much at 6 o’clock bell gets up fath南京伴游公司 伴游网价格表er, eating breakfast to go out ought to be much at 7 o’clock bell. The son lives in 6 add up to the city zone, since ran to drip, liu Tudi and old partner are lived in with the son in all t南京 外围怎么找he way. Be with, the time that Liu Tudi crashs, leave home just a many hour, estimate also ran 9 sheet. Common, liu Tudi also is went out more at 7 o’clock i戴维营spa工资待遇n the morning racing bike. As to every day working i南京qm桑拿南京城开大厦 洋妞ntensity, the view of according to family is ” sure very big ” . “Want to just reached the home at 11 o’clock in the morning every day commonly. ” Liu Tudi’s son says, racing bike times, lunch is what do not eat in the home normally, if dinner is arranged can come home eat, dig goes coming home have a meal when resting, a day of racing bike is in father 934 hours. Every month expenses 559 yuan. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, although the family member does not hope he continues to run,battalion carries car, but him Liu Tudi has been revealed, after he thinks in this a treaty expires, change a new energy resources electric car continues to run. The incident after drop drop company becomes family member of assist a ruler in governing a country good kind 11 days afternoon, drop drop stopped a response to reporter of contemporary wall bulletin with respect to this matter. Drop drop is alluded, after be informed the message that Liu Tudi dies accidental南京水香苑60爽记ly, special deep feeling of grief and regretful. It is reported, liu Tudi was registered 2016 become platform driver, handle affairs 100 minutes minute, handling affairs the difference that the times南京洗浴全套哪家好 sufferred broad passenger reputably. On December 11 morning, platform job employee already acquired connection with driver family member, will endeavor the incident after family member of assist a ruler in governing a country makes good kind. Now, police already got involved observation, specific cause of death still is in observation. Spend big topic by force to managing function denies exi教你玩ktv公主stence to work, according to dripping drop respect is allowed first, this year June, drop drop announced a driver to prevent exhaustion to drive law. This law according to ” knack transportation is safe the law carries out byelaw ” ask to make, include short when the strategy and the strategy when growing two parts. Among them, short when strategic requirement, when car driver handles affairs, everything drop net grows about, receive order for goods to arrive from the driver namely thing of complete of order for goods grows when the total number of plan cost, accumulative total is full 4 hours and between one-time rest moment not apply 20 minutes, need gets offline rest 20 minutes to just can go up again the line accepts the order. The strategy when growing asks the driver is in after arriving at take time of one devise a stratagem to grow, must rest 6 hours the line on ability. This plan take time is long, those who point to is the driver after getting on a car from the passenger南京spa男士论坛 click a head plan cost to arrive all along complete thing grows when the total number of plan cost. Here plan in take time long standard, express driver is 10 hours, special driver is 9 hours.