On December 5 morning, with ” drive the whole people lifelong study, accelerate construction to learn big country南京前列腺按摩那家好 ” give priority to a problem ” Gao Chun area and Gu Bai are stre南京场子总结百度贴吧et 2019 the whole people is lifelong opening ceremony of study activity week ” in Gu Bai culture of street new era carries out a square to be held ceremoniously. Zhou Huo of lifelong study activity moves the whole people is street agency sponsors bureau of education of You Gaochun area, Gu Bai, center of education of community of path of ancient Bai Jie南京梧桐社区 is collective assist educational the whole people is read, lifelong study activity, aim to advance study society construction. On the opening ceremony, a batch when Qiu Feng of deputy warden of tall 南京彩霞街kb几号好honest area commends to get ” the star of study ” and ” community is outstanding educational volunteer ” issued letter. Path of ancient Bai Jie is pushed those who send with Feng Yuan Comrade Kong Xianghua serves as aquiculture cooperation controller ” the star of common people study ” shared on南京状元楼3楼桑拿体验eself to be in on the way that new-style agriculture main body develops to attendant audience, undertake study through playing all南京沁水宫最新交流吧 sorts of way, make oneself level is strengthened ceaselessly, become provincial country ” 3 belts ” talent. In the meantime, the study sth in order to apply it is guid南京皇子温泉爽记ed street 100 much farmer do poineering work become rich, drove cooperation to run the successful way that main body develops quickly to new-style 微信上门服务 见面付钱agriculture, be attende南京上门推拿按摩d the meeting of leader and masses reputably. Everybody expresses to want to be example in order to study the heavenly body of study in succession, stren南京上门按摩 南京艺校上门gthen lifelong study, raise quality and accomplishment. The spot arranged the activity to groom kind, reveal kind, conduct propaganda kind, perform kind of activity that waits for 20 multinomial rich and colorful, each street presses down achievement of lifelong study characteristic to reveal, immaterial bequest characteristic is revealed,南京按摩上门 南京高档桑拿按摩会所 conduct propaganda of literary show, law seeks advice, the experience such as education of spot of lecture of knowledge of fitn南京桑拿会所排名ess of conduct propaganda of protection of woman children rights and interests, old person, agrotechnical knowledge lecture, land belonging to one production unit but enclosed in that of another craft studies南京高端外卖工作室 a project, attracted spot audience to stop in succession view and admire an experience. According to tall honest area relevant controller introduces, between mobile cycle, center of each street community education will face tall honest area broad citizen begins the whole people to read continuously, again obtain employment grooms, new南京现在有活的场子-style profession farmer grooms, handicraft is tasted make, the community of diversity of rich, form teachs the content such as guidance of education of senile calligraphy, family groom service activity, arouse a citizen further the interest that right study, build the grumous atmosphere of lifelong study, establish ” constituent construction firm is ecru, study experience has the way to deal with a situation, home in all Yo has distinguishing feature, there is good plan below the line on the line, community activity has woman and song, multivariate get together Li Youliang is lubricious ” lifelong study is good atmosphere, advance construction of the study of study of the whole p南京kb最新eople, lifelong study society.