Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Li Ming of reporter Liu Zhou’s reporter) since this year, risk of 6 duty adding up to the ground evaluates substation to break inherent acknowledge, doing while good risk evaluates the work, change groovy job pattern, blend in pay taxes to serve a means, originally in order to evaluate essential, in order to serve hurried comply with, construction is high grade and efficient ” service ” the risk evaluates substation. It is promotion informatization degree. Continue to popularize use risk of 6 duty adding up to the ground to manage auxiliary platform, pass net of inside and outside to join, the communication channel of dredge tax authority and taxpayer, achieve experience duty doubtful point push send, feedback ” one key is changed ” , ” real time is changed ” , enhanced the directivity of doubtful point index on one hand, show duty person begins admittance to be checked oneself from correct; Reduce wind to judge personnel workload with informatization method on the other hand, emancipatory energy provides the pay taxes service with more excellent more for pay taxes. 2 it is to undertake on-the-spot pay taxes coachs. Borrow by pay taxes evaluates the opportunity that launchs on-the-spot nucleus to check since this year, coach to pay taxes undertaking while taxpayer undertakes be checkinged on the spot, “Send tax law to come ” , the experience tax problem that in understanding an enterprise to be managed about production on the spot, encounters and doubt, offer specializationed solution for the enterprise, wu of stimulative enterprise Zhang to more the way of standardization develops. 3 it is to form a network to ask politics mechanism. Shirt-sleeve accept takes a department ” 2 small one Q ” network experience duty serves a system. Urge the taxpayer that has undertaken in 6 duty adding up to the ground the risk is evaluated, contact wind to judge sectional clerk directly through the way such as network platform, the problem of tax of of all kinds wealth that feedback encounters in real work, the angle that evaluates from the risk by the staff member undertakes solution, assist venture of duty of taxpayer avoid experience.