Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Zhou Xian of reporter Pan Yue’s reporter) in the whole nation fete of the 5th martyr comes during, memorial hall of martyr of Nanjing rain beautiful stage hand in hand ” first find a person ” platform is begun jointly ” search revolutionary martyr later generations ” activity, for rain beautiful stage heroic seeks unborn dear one. The concentration that Nanjing rain beautiful stage is person of Chinese Communist of period of New Democracy revolution and patriotic person of ideals and integrity die ground, come from 1926 Nanjing liberated eve 1949, the martyr that sacrifices here tens of thousands of. Because time is ages ago, a lot of heroics are engaged in underground working, they did not leave a full name even, and between the martyr that leaves a full name, the data is complete very few also. According to official statistic, foregone full name is at present only 1519, less than among them very one of, more it is anonymous hero. “These year, we collected many martyr relative nuncupative history and the historical data related to martyr, hangover, rolled out a series of research achievement. We return Internet of have the aid of to extend transmission channel, art of culture lending strength creates dish of vivid gules family property accumulated over a long time, release gules energy. We also hope, in each support falls, through indefatigable effort, the party spirit education that rain cemetery of revolutionary martyrs makes beautiful stage be the whole nation’s top-ranking red to commemorate bethel, throughout the country is important and patriotism teach base, promote rain to spend heroic spirit to lay solid foundation for better inheritance. ” rain spends a director of management board of cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, rain to spend Zhao Yongyan of curator of stage martyr memorial hall to say, the hope finds a dear one for more martyr, reductive more martyr achievement. Let more people understand, the rain that once lived on China earth spends heroics, how by ordinary march toward step by step great. It is reported, as home banner information distributes one of platform, today’s top headlines devotes oneself to to promote the saga of revolutionary martyr and patriotism spirit with science and technology, inheritance red gene. Rely on big data and artificial intelligence technology, its client end seeks close information with playing the form of the window to release in ground of revolutionary martyr census register, at the same time the basis searchs close advertisement, according to situation preferential the native that recommends revolutionary martyr census register to be in a city. Xu Yilong of deputy editor in chief of today’s top headlines expresses: “Adopt such searching to kiss means, it is platform of hope have the aid of, technology and user base, strive for promotion to find the odds of revolutionary martyr family member. ” up to this month 21 days, “Search revolutionary martyr later generations ” the project has released 530 revolution martyr to find close case, find successfully among them the relative of 64 martyr.