Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yu Yao of reporter Liu Xiaochu’s reporter) September is golden Gui Piao’s sweet good time, with ” build sign of high-end estate land, famous city of construction international innovation ” the 2018 Nanjing that give priority to a problem negotiate via trade fall meeting today (on September 6) kick off. The weak gain that just rings down the curtain is met on, china of focusing of media of countrywide science and technology (Nanjing) software cereal, all-around, mutiple level the actual strength that area of experience rain beautiful stage regards Nanjing software company as to collect the ground, industry to develop an upland and the new glamour that rain spends digital science and technology. Current Jin Qia is met, spend our look focusing stage area in rain again. It is reported, activity of pluvial beautiful special performance will be in on September 7 this area is held, activity with ” make double start demonstrative base, area of name of construction international innovation ” give priority to a problem. Area of pluvial beautiful stage is located in Nanjing advocate city southwest ministry, it is China (Nanjing) software cereal seat, also be Nanjing city establishs division of core of international software famous city, have 2086 experience soft business and soft practitioner of poineering group, 220 thousand experience. During Jin Qia is met, will controller of more than 100 domestic and international well-known company attends rain to spend special performance activity. Area of meeting rain beautiful stage chooses current Jin Qia the autograph arranges a project 39, the plan always invests 25.2 billion yuan (the project that joins countersign of city weak gain to make an appointment with among them 4, the plan always invests 5.5 billion yuan of) . In 39 projects, software category looks 27, occupy 69% . Rain spends stage area in order to occupy area of Nanjing city land with certain boundaries the land natural resources of 2% , the population gross of 5% , the software of creation and production value of news service line of business occupy Nanjing nearly 40% , hold complete province nearly 30% , formed what provide rain to spend characteristic alone to do poineering work innovation expands powerful dominant position. As we have learned, this year is be in harmony of gold of the 29th Nanjing meeting. Come for years, jin Qia can hold to from beginning to end ” innovate in accede, develop in innovation ” do meeting concept, already became Nanjing city to recommend urban investment climate now, begin a project to negotiate, the main platform that shows the gain that enrol business. Chief expresses related bureau of business affairs of region of pluvial beautiful stage, according to annual the job that enrol business plans, rain spends stage district early plan, early preparation, will begin to begin to prepare an autograph to make an appointment with project, Jin Qia in July activity of meeting special performance, travelling merchant invites wait for a respect to work. Key around ” software ” industry of this one core, engineered the activity with this bright characteristic. On September 7, the reporter will be met in Jin Qia special performance of division of pluvial beautiful stage undertakes the circumstance reports signing agreement the spot, pay close attention to dragon tiger net continuously please.