Original t南京是不是还在严打itle: 2457 people enjoy rental drawback reporter of 740 thousand Yu Yuan was comprehended from revenue of dwell glow division a few days ago, inform definitely through butt joint of person specially assigned for a task, essence, this bureau is right2019南京最近大型扫黄 enjoy ” 6 duty two add ” favourable policy is rental room the natural person of pays tax more the paragraph stops to return, let decrease duty to fall the profit of cost is good in delivering natural person hand. Stop now, revenue of dwell glow division is little I rent the taxpayer of housing already applied for drawback to have 2457 people, amount of a南京诈骗会所列表ccumulative total drawback more than yuan 740 thousand. Rise this year, the country rolls out 南京性价比场子90分钟policy of derate of taxation of sex of benefit of general of small small company, I save accredit of according to center most substantially namely 50% case decrease those who ask for taxpayer of little scope of value added tax ” 6 duty two cost ” , at the same time will favourable policy carries out moment date from from January 1, 2019. According to policy regulation, the natural person also is belonged to ” 6 duty two cost ” limits of little scop南京本地陪游e taxpayer, after favourable policy南京哪个spa可以做大活 comes on stage small I am rental the integrated tax rate of housing by 3.5% fall to 2.5% , 2.59% , small I rent the integrated tax rate that is not housing is stabilized. “As a res南京十大夜总会排名ult of small I rent housing of You Qixia area mixes house property duty of Heng Yu prop up bureau 南京千花龙凤论坛request Dai Zheng, the tax rate in requesting era to impose a system just adjusted cease in April this year, this was caused open before April small I rent the taxpayer of housing bill exists the circums我去南京碧波池的经历tance of much capture imposition. ” chief says related revenue of dwell glow division, this year 1, the natural person information that nodded make out an invoice to Dai Zheng March has 4254, can enjoy favourable policy among them want rental room only the natural 800块钱90分钟的莞式服务person of, but among them what is rental room, what is rental blame room, if He Lian is drawback,be difficult. For this, in the light of drawback of natural person date from means of numerous, connection is short of break, treaty 梧桐客栈 南京 spabank account is obtained hard wait for a title, revenue of dwell glow division places 5 jobs employee to be mixed in area housing to taxpayer prop up bureau stuff o南京哪个spa可以做大活f saved make out an invoice stops gather to search, wait for information to stop registration tabulation to means of photocopy of card of the example of make out an invoice, house property in renting amount of quarter day, hire, treaty and connection, cancel taxes specified number in order to check, tell taxpayer to finish drawback later, w南京喝茶的地方你懂ill small in the hand that I rent policy nods the taxatio南京性价比场子90分钟n privilege of the room to send taxpayer to th南京会所外卖微信e dot, implementation should be retreated retreat, ensure can enjoy decrease duty to fall the group that expends policy very much also, let taxpayer harvest those who look so that see to reduce tax profit.