Where does original title Nanjing all alone address of big public house of phenanthrene spy the Milky Way is in? : Hardened thief is captured ill-affected still: Policeman of if it were not for traded private vehicle, won’t be caught A3 edition: Heavy pound gets married 65 years, old man wife is troubled by be separated on the court is late on October 4 much at 9 o’clock, policeman of police station of Nanjing railway station spends stage area in rain one crossing, seize the hardened thief Le Mou of criminal record again and again. After be being seized by the policeman, have the Le Mou that turns over reconnoiter experience certainly quite ill-affected still, what policeman of technician of hydrotherapy of invite applications for a job of nightclub of except Nanjing high end leaves is private car, he won’t be caught. Reporter of contemporary wall bulletin is comprehended, close on September 25 morning at 7 o’clock, gao Mou taking on passengers calls the police say, early morning was controlled at 4 o’clock that day, he and wife take K284 second train arrival Nanjing stands, after getting off, be south Nanjing railway station hotel of intercontinental of greenbelt of Nanjing of hall of ticket of carry out of square first floor has massage doorway all around lay down sleep, the discovery after awaking is put in the black double shoulder beside to wrap by pilfer, there is ready money inside the bag 400 multivariate, still have card of 4 pieces of banks and two price 6000 multivariate mobile phones. After case hair, the policeman scouts adroitly, the lock decided distrustful person — a man, the age collects ear to massage 0 years old or so in the hot spring in 3 Nanjing country. Suspect a person the departure after pilfer is procurable, all the way car of change bus, rental Nanjing’s high-grade nightclub invite applications for a job, with the kind that builds a car without the target evasive police is captured. The policeman arrives from division of incredible connecting with the boxing skill the area that build Ye, from rain beautiful stage area arrives south some what washs Nanjing night life amusedly peaceful area of good river of where of hotel of bath center Beijing, all the way abide line chases after mark. Trail a period, the policeman discovers when suspecting a person flee in disorder, intended and frame-up face sees road surface monitoring, shine with flashlight roadside is photographed like the head, scout instead recognition is extremely strong. The policeman overcomes difficulty, nanjing emperor and hotel of mansion hotel Spa are culminating near hill of Nanjing dwell glow the Le Mou that affirms 28 years old to distrustful person is. Le Mou has frequently pilfer criminal record, still be gotten online to chase after by saline city public security bureau escape. Policeman classics is analysed with all possible means, estimate goes Le Mou’s stay to nod. On September 30, reconnoiter employee crouched time keeping to discover Le Mou. Big public house of pour Nanjing Wang Haiguo border drinks of Le Mou scout instead ability is strong, the policeman traded a private vehicle, stop in Le Mou the roadside of constant activity, crouch again defend, the Le Mou that shops at will wanting late on October 4 to go out is seized. After be being caught, le Mou is ill-affected: Except policeman is driving private car, he not Fu Fuqiao of home of Nanjing of Nanjing water easy Sp is massaged what serves A wash one’s hair happy event of Nanjing of place of full recreational meeting will enter a public house class of a few stars can be captured. Now Le Mou already was detained by railroad police criminal. Nanjing loosens south hill of bell of graceful hotel Beijing alls alone phenanthrene spy hotel washs bath