Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Dai Meimei of reporter Zhang Chenjin’s reporter) late on August 20, xi Shanqiao is street the volunteer of community of Xi Shanhua center and 12 reseau piece long Ju Jinxia is seasonable deliverance is auspicious of center village rank an old person alone, make its break away from life danger. According to village dweller report, that evening this old person walks out of a door alone, but with him the speech also is not responded to, it seems that some mind are not clear, after the dweller discovers incorrect interest, call up a volunteer Xie Lili instantly, very fast 12 reseau piece long Ju Jinxia also hurries to the spot. Pee of discovery old National People’s Congress is incontinent, verbal not clear, the Ju Jinxia that once was a doctor was contacted immediately with his experience 120, have emergency treatment measure to the old person immediately subsequently, stability of olden person condition comes down, the volunteer such as Xie Lili, Yang Yang helps together look for water and towel, get on old person leg to be swabbed simply clean first. Because be embraced on the road,block up, a many hour just hurries to car of 120 emergency treatment, ju Jinxia is not at ease, he Xieli Li accompanies an old person to reach the first hospital of city together. But do not go up because of connection the family of the old person, be afraid of again delay time of old person emergency treatment, the money pay for sb and expect to be repaid later that Ju Jinxia takes out him immediately the charge such as expenses of the rest operation, hospitalization expenses in all more than 7000 yuan, collect money searched to protect worker worker, side old person rinses the whole body clean, make an old person successful enter surgery. As we have learned, disposition of old person of orphans and widows is more dissocial, every time the connection way that community staff member and volunteer want family with him, he is not willing. Community is laborious setbacks, contacted an old person to be in Nantong eventually the kin of native place. After a many hour, the niece of the old person and husband of brother’s daughter came from outpace of Anhui saddle hill, appreciate to the deliverance behavior of community and volunteer unceasingly, assure to return relevant charge to them as soon as possible. At night valuable assistant art ended at 0 o’clock, reside an old person to already was not had alone hinder greatly, broke away from life danger, ju Jinxia and foliaceous Li Li just put down a heart to come home at this moment.