It is OK that the 5G inside the world of Nanjing gold eagle collects actual measurement to download speed to amount to 1Gbps above supply guides buy the intelligent AI robot that handle affairs, need not the VR electron that the client tries on personally tries garment lens, the direct seeding of market activity 5G of freeboard Qing Dynasty… the near future, company of Chinese mobile Jiangsu and golden eagle organization are in Nanjing hand in hand gold南京荤场子一览2018en eagle the world spreads out to save first 5G completely clever shopping centers props up. This is meant not a few later, the client of this bazaar, will obtain what mobile 5G technology brings to shop into the person that be stationed in businessman and processing, processing experience. Model of science and technology shop, custom-built change guide buy handle af南京名人城市酒店spa 会所招聘fairs will come true Nanjing Jin Ying the world is entered be stationed in a brand to amount to 400 many, to the client, the indoor navigation with accurate essence won’ts do surely little. Be based on mobile 5G to collect, robot of 5G intelligence AI will be reincarnate ” close ” accompany rambling intelligence to guide the member that buy + valve home, not o南京正规按摩多少钱一小时nly supply target ground is how-to handle affairs with the deliver goods inside bazaar, still can press the age that takes care of a guest, sexual distinction, whether look after children wait for a circumstance, energy for use is lifted appropriate its are recreational the area of entertainment and market activity. Navigation of client according to walks into the garment that admire in the heart to act the role of inn, need not read, choose, go to the front of VR electron tries garment lens secondhand, show with immediately of pr南京靓岛按摩价格oportional person image go up in screen, click what show by the side of screen to dress up, one second can finish new clothes to 南京4星级酒店排名try on, honest, rate is rapid as a result, still 南京推拿兼职招聘信息absolved a tradition to try the trouble of the garment. This is to pass mobile 5G to collect, VR high-definition photograph the video that catchs like the head to be answered in real time pass to line of high in the clouds to wear, again synchronous and alternant will come true to terminal screen. In this technology add hold below, colour makeup ch南京 按摩精油 养生馆ild tries color to also become relaxed rise, the client chooses lubricious date to be able to see the result after he makes up on screen. While the client enjoys intelligence to buy object check, also benefit a lot into the person that be stationed in businessman and bazaar processing. 5G of have the aid of is collected, the guest vivid intent inside bazaar is analysed will more cut truly, demand analysis of the client is met more essence of life is accurate. The system can be in what difference business spreads to stop according to the client be stationed in moment, analyse its instantly place co南京机场附近按摩rrectly to need, essence of supply of robot of AI of repass 5G intelligence is accurate how-to, bring for its ” custom-built change ” VIP handles affairs. Market activity is online direct seeding, total the clever customer service of self-help type also will help somebody南京哪家酒店最好 attain his aim upgrade, setting interacts below the line on the line of Feng Jugu field and client further. What 5G will南京夜生活有什么好玩的夜场招聘 bring shopping setting is brand-new the change is occupied comprehend, mobile 5G is collected will comprehensive enclothe bazaar of the world of Nanjing gold eagle to lose 4 buildings to come 9 building南京特色足浴洗浴中心沙发s in all 13, the building that divide skirt jockeys all areas outside the area. Now the 1 5G to 2 buildings is collected enclothe already finished, every second exceeds rate of actual measurement download 1Gb. That is to say, the client of hold 5G mobile phone can enjoy high speed to collect in the free inside this area, experience mobile 5G glamo南京洗浴中心招聘主管ur. In shopping centers of the world of Nanjing gold eagle relevant controller looks, 5G brings not only the promotion that is communication speed only, it is the change of life setting more, “Small now video is hot very, this reacted from certain level the effort of intercourse. We hope to pass mobile 5G technology, the intercourse effor南京金汇大酒店电话t between aggrandizement bazaar and client ” , collect bazaar of fast, general disseminate through 5G namely large activity, essence of life is touched definitely amount to conceal client group, with the cooperative force of this progress bazaar. More important is, “Our both sides still will pass the confluence of the technology such as 5G, big data, feral intellig南京漫心酒店钟点房ence to use, promote bazaar field of restful safeguard, car considerably operation of four of processing, inn, adve南京大厂荤的洗浴spartisement puts in the operation that waits for a respect to govern ability, cooperate to make brand-new intelligent shopping center ” .