Since this year, city of solid of tall honest area is street constituent force executes the law jointly, to hill of stone of dawn of area under administration, Jiang Shan, either end of a bridge only of remnant machine of stone of 4 make friends is carried out finally close stop, answer cultivate is administered. So far, entire market plant of engine of stone of 16 size make friends oneself is all close stop. Ore exploitation property is the tradition with solid street city enrichs the people industry, from 1978 reforming and opening at the beginning of, it is OK that the mine Nanjing Fu Shuai residence inside solid city limits massages stone to open hotel of Nanjing greenbelt intercontinental defer returns a house collect an industry to cut a figure, involve Buddhist temple in all, revitalize, the nine village such as pond of temple hillock, either end of a bridge, beautiful couplet, Jiang Shan, water transport, 9 dragon, dawn. Plant of engine of stone of size make friends early or late initiate removes 16, develop all the way come, solve problem of obtain employment of local section labour force already, provide indispensable raw material for local infrastructure construction again, for local economy construction makes larger contribution. But because lack unified program, meet hill is collected, blossom everywhere, hill body is destroyed very serious, environment of great influence zoology. And lack of consciousness of safety of quarry factory worker, put in bigger life safety hidden trouble. In recent years, government of class of invite applications for a job of nightclub of hotel of the Huaihe River of the Qin Dynasty of berth of each Nanjing night increases the standard to mine and obligation ceaselessly, close in the round to showing mining hill and machine of make friends stone to carry out stop processing, traditional ore extracts course of study already did not accord with new era high quality to expand a demand, exit historical arena to become inevitable. Xi Jinping’s secretary-general points out: “We want green Nanjing to massage the place with much store to be in already which water green hill, also want golden hill silver-colored hill. Want green water green hill rather, do not want golden hill silver-colored hill, and green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill. ” this one scientific judgment, clarity clarified ” green water green hill ” with ” golden hill silver-colored hill ” the relation between, emphasize ” green water green hill is golden hill silver-colored hill ” valence Nanjing massage story is worth a concept, strengthen socialistic zoology civilization to build to new era, the beautiful zoology environment that contented people grows increasingly needs to have important and far-reaching sense. In tall honest area appoint, below the right leader of district government, next solid city is street weighing boxing processing, the Buddhist temple hill inside area under administration, fourth home hill 1 south sufficient bath preserve one’s health meets Nanjing Su Shang a Beijing of recreational cafes desk and chair is highest how many water meets evening show fee water is toxic 0 mine are closed to stopped public place of entertainment of hand-in-hand travel Nanjing to open the door entirely in succession comprehensive punish. As we have learned, hotel of Nanjing of solid city market washs bath to 10 close stop mine punish area in all 2300 Nanjing stand to big public house of Nanjing dawn international how to walk along more than mus, add newly agricultural the ground is close 1500 mus, displacement gives construction to use ground index nearly 1500 mus, the environmental pollution that solves traditional ore to extract course of study is brought thoroughly already washs bath center near shrine of problem Nanjing master, environment of zoology of body of strong improvement hill, it is channel of recreation of complete Nanjing TV station again construction of economy of market of online direct seeding vacates a space, transition upgrades the first pace that stepped a success. Meanwhile, begin from the year before last year, to area under administration pace of component of aircraft of stone of 16 make friends is carried out close stop transition. Eat hill to arrive from backer guard green water green hill, solid city shows those who select plant of stone of mining area, make friends to involve repair, it is whole area mine is collected from dew, close stop answer Jin Ling meets green one Nanjing game of field of nightclub meat or fish epitome. The solid city nowadays, coruscate is new colour, reveal lease of life, mining area of Zuo of Buddhist temple hill became scenery travel point; Either end of a bridge, Ding Jiashan abandoned mining area to become grain cropland division; Big beautiful hill abandons mining area greenery again and again of large of shady, fruit, the happiness that makes masses personal experience mine processing to bring feels and obtain feeling. Current, city of solid of tall honest area is street planning to be with the industry oriented, research is made efficient use add newly agricultural ground policy, strive to make entire market ore extracts transition upgrades delimit on satisfactory full stop. What which best and recreational meeting meets sufficient bath of Nanjing of Nanjing hydrotherapy Spa a complete set