Original title: Yang Chen is surging, backside of car of broken bits earth another black hole on October 17, the citizen reacts to hot line of our newspaper reader: Often have be fully loaded with build fecal carriage car, leave into dock of sky of port area of pool of Nanjing harbor dragon, all the way Yang Chen is surging, whether be burying secretly fecal? Stone factory ” be transferred to civilian work ” destroy build fecal when countrywide midday much at 1 o’clock, the reporter comes to sky dock and observation of boundary of highway of evacuation of cargoes from port namely, 40 minutes, have car of earth of 3 heavy-duty broken bits, carrying span car trunk more than 10 centimeters cement piece build fecal, leave into sky dock 南京城市名人按摩怎么走on the west side factory of a stone. The reporter enters stone plant with buying stone pink name. A worker holds the spot first, workshop will be built fecal clod of medium block, cement piece, coagulation, destroy grain through the machinery such as large crack machine, large and small of according to grain sells with difference price. Claim the Lv Xiangjun of spot controller is allowed first, their enterprise cries ” abundant double amount to ” , the field of company of hire sky dock. This stone factory is to destroy limestone originally, machine stone pink to sell. Now, nanjing municipal government 南京城市 会所 洗浴already fell tell dock to forbid hoisting stone to land, so they can wait for a few regular stone factory replenish onr’s stock from lake of overgrown with weeds only. “When deal is good sell 200 thousand tons one year. But rock metal rises in price to increas南京曙光国际大酒店交通e traffic expense capital again now very tall, amount to 559 yuan a ton. After burst, sell 889 yuan a ton, earn is very few. ” ” we carry cement piece come burst, mix into sells into stone pink. Advocate if use,come to a kind make bed, quality does not become a subject. ” Lv Xian南京大厂喜神水疗会正规吗gjun is revealed, good profit earns, become burst smuggle to build fecal advocate because of. “Deal with build fecal, be to want normal procedure? ” the reporter asks. Lv Xiangjun avoid talking, reply only: “We have namely ‘ makings ‘ , just machine treatment. ” the burst workshop in 339 square metre, the reporter sees, build in great quantities fecal had been become by make friends stone pink, caboodle becomes a hill. These buildin南京夜网南艺g fecal from which to come? Lv Xiangjun laughs at character, it is change glow of innovatory project dwell quickly from 312 nations line paragraph spot carry comes, the road surface there is being defeated tear open, produce a lot of concrete piece. Penalty the following day car of broken bits earth after start off receives reporter reaction situation, city of dwell glow a南京城市名人酒店桑拿rea administers make one’s rounds of group of integrated administration law to prevent country of good people of week of the header in one squadron to taking legal team member to hurry to the spot. See what in visitting, pat the reporter is dark carriage car photograph. Country of week good people says, this kind is done not have ” cap ” car of earth of gules and heavy-duty broken bits, it is apparently ” without gift ” car, because Nanj南京夜泊秦淮君亭酒店水疗会所ing already enabled the country of white bottom green, four-axle 5 standards are new-style car of broken bits earth. “This year end, car of earth of gules and vintage broken bits start off of total number disapprobation. Now, eliminating first phase. ” after controller of company of field exploring, inquiry, country of week good people tells a reporter, this sto南京颐尊水疗招聘外围女ne factory is belonged to without equipment of approve illicit travel build fecal deal with field, do not build in Nanjing city appoint just when build fecal capitalization to deal with,the 18 furniture of approve have in gift company list. 312 nations line turns department of innovatory project project quickly, also not was in charge of partial newspaper to approve to the city build fecal outside carry. Carry to stone factory build fecal car, it is mill boss low cries those who come ” without gift ” carriage 南京好记大酒店几星级car. “Stone factory presses a ton to these cars 20 yuan calculate, one car can pull 22 tons many. ” ” without gift ” carriage car pulls tantivy more in, because did not adopt any enclothing, partial shiver ” throw away a leakage ” go up in road surface of gate of evacuation of cargoes from port. Dwellers of village of circumjacent dragon pool react to the reporter: “These is fully loaded with build fecal car to do not have any enclothing, wear urgently again leave toward sky dock, the dirt when sunshine wind is big flies upwards, accidentally cement piece still is dropped all the way, too refuse to obey how. ” and with deal with the 100 meters car that lie between rolls the factory outfit dock also is purified by Yang Chen, noise disturbing. 17 days of evening, canal of city of dwell glow area is opposite partly without approve carry deal with company of car of broken bits earth — limited company of Nanjing Ren Hua trade, be in 20 thousand yuan of fine, s南京阳光洗浴70号mash a car 30 days. Tell a city the canal to make one’s rounds prevents team member, continue dark visit cloth to accuse, charley uses farther attack ” without gift ” equipment of travel of earth of car carriage broken bits, illicit is built fecal deal with of field ” abundant double amount to ” . Country of week good people tells a reporter, violate compasses deal with, carry build fecal with broken bits earth, bring wholesome circumstance to purify not simply, return risk society restful. For this, rose this year in May, nanjing city started concussion ” without gift ” deal with carry build fecal with broken bits earth special punish acts, continue to year end all along. 18 days afternoon, country of week good people calls a reporter: “Have heavy fierce stand! We investigate source, in 312 countries path cloth accuses, discover again ‘ abundant double amount to ‘ company etc company ‘ without gift ‘ car, change innovatory spot quickly from 312 nations line, carry break the road surface that tear open cement piece arrives in the factory. ” country of week good people is allowed first, according to what carried out 2012 ” Nanjing city town administers byelaw ” th南京平安里宁远浴场irtieth, “Abundant double amount to ” build without promising to deal with fecal, dan Weichao 200 thousand stere, consider is highest can punish 100 thousand yuan. “Times of special punish action, everything violates compasses entirely penalty of according to upper limit. ” such ” without gift ” have regulation of according to of close a hunderd schools unexpectedly, build fecal all need to deal with by normal capitalization the factory deals with. Provide a part according to Nanjing city town not complete count, whole town happens every year build fecal about 4 million tons, and enter the proportion that capitalization of normal gift company operates unexpectedly not apply is become. Country of week good people signs up for a group of data that give to also make a person contemplative euqally. Since action of special May punish is started, add up to of dwell glow area is investigated ” without gift ” build fecal with car of broken bits e南京婚宴酒店排名2016arth 195, and guest year old annual dwell glow is checked those who buckle ” without gift ” car is 109. Consequently knowable, as the acceleration that the city props up, nanjing ” without gift ” build fecal with broken bits earth carriage car canal accuses pressure to increase. It is at the same time those who produce per year 4 million tons build fecal, it is 18 companies that have proper talent however at the same time ” be on short commons ” . Those who make a person anxious is, rise in price as domestic building materials, risk danger in desperation does a lot of people rose ” without gift ” deal with build fecal work, from which gain. “Without gift ” car also is happy to accept this kind of business, toward ” without gift ” the factory is carried build fecal. Nanjing Teng Liang builds engineering limited company is one of 18 normal factories, also be river north new developed area only just when deal with,furniture of one by one has build fecal capitalization to deal with the enterprise of gift. This company controller tells a reporter, their business day deals with build fecal ability tentative plan to be 2000 tons, but the limits that this company manages every day when actual and highest peak wants 889 tons only however. Complete Nanjing has close a hunderd schools ” without gift ” illicit travel treatment deals with build deal with fecally factory or ” mill ” , only river north has 339, these do not have gift company mad grab the market, caused Teng Liang to build such normal business ” be on short commons ” . Nanjing props up with force Inc. , the red hill road of limited company of group of circumstance of Nanjing of now representative operation builds fecal capitalization to operate project, in type selecting of equipment of project optional location, burst南京国有酒店外围女, workshop big canopy is built, storage yard pro南京紫峰大厦洲际酒店外围女ps up waited for a respect to throw gigantic endowment. But, now 2000 tons product line, limits deals with to also want 449 tons only every day when actual and highest peak. National hair changes appoint, ministry of science and technology, industry letter ministry, stay in those who build 14 ministries and commissions such as the ministry to do bureau union print and distribute ” grow circularly lead the move ” the plan understands a requirement, to 2020 the city builds fecal capitalization to deal with rate should arrive 13% , thrust zoology culture props up, lash green loop low carbon grows. Nanjing city lives build appoint law exemple is in man of deputy director general to comb fine jade reveal, nanjing municipal government already was announced May this year南京酒店预订携程 ” the executive definite opinion that operates about closing to attend in a advanced studies builds fecal capitalization ” . According to this ” definite opinion ” , to 2020, nanjing builds foundation build fecal control use, deal with reach second birth control system, build fecal capitalization to operate rate should be located in complete province front. ” Nanjing city builds fecal capitalization to operate processing method ” already also gave heat, will strive for as soon as possible legislative.