Dispatch of dragon tiger net (Yu Yao of reporter of Shan of reporter Li Shan) on the earth that has glorious revolution tradition this piece in Nanjing, dot of resource of culture of red of 160 more than place resembles a gules mark, the record wears a paragraph paragraph of unforgettable gules history. During be worth reforming and opening 40 years, celebrate new China to hold water 69 years, “The most patriotic flag is red ” — city of 2018 National Day is directional surpass mobile general to will spend stage area to pull open heavy curtain in rain on October 1, at present the job signing up of this match is started formally. It is reported, area of pluvial beautiful stage is having distinctive gules culture resource and solid gules culture inside information, to let gules gene always nurture vigor, the China in going ahead, step the pace that rain spends, by rain culture of beautiful stage area does, bureau of education of area of beautiful stage of bureau of civil administration of area of pluvial beautiful stage, rain is sponsorred jointly, dragon tiger net undertakes this second activity. The reporter understands, mobile general city is directional be united in wedlock with gules education, the gules history that blends in Nanjing city rain to spend stage area, the city zone is humanitarian a variety of elements such as ground mark, leg designed 4 line, include rain to spend industry of software of site of armory of new residential quarter of garden of a cemetery of revolutionary martyrs, plum, Jinling, Nanjing to read extensively the dot such as the house. Sign up use group form, every take part in the match the team is comprised by 5 people. In the match, take part in the match group general gives a way with public traffic or the green that go on foot in vain, dictate according to choosing a corresponding job that play card individually, if finish answering question, spell a plan, sing national anthem to wait have plan branch, terminal rain can be headed for spend stage area after finishing task plan to divide the square austral cemetery of revolutionary martyrs completes the race. Current, directional contest is accepting the city of the middle school inside limits of area of pluvial beautiful stage and each organism sign up. The match that day, take part in the match the team becomes branch young group and minor group, choose a coronal finally inferior Ji Jun and photography amount to a variety of award such as person award, precipitant award. At the appointed time, dragon tiger net will undertake the whole journey direct seeding of the match around the theme with the most patriotic red flag, pay close attention to please.